Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Receives Four New Faces After Tuesday’s Election Victories

Milwaukee County saw a bit of a shakeup with its supervisory races Tuesday, welcoming returning incumbents and political newbies to the county Board of Supervisors.

While four current supervisors faced challenges, more than half of the board’s 18 seat races went uncontested in an election night that ended with four new faces joining the ranks to the board of directors.

Former supervisors Ryan Clancy, Anthony J. Staskunas, Liz Sumner and Peter Burgelis announced their departures from the board, with the latter two seeking the roles of county comptroller and city alderman, respectively.

Who won County Board races?

  • District 3: Incumbent Sheldon A. Wasserman won by 57% against Public Defender Alexander Kostal, who received 42% of the district’s vote.

  • District 4: Community organizer Jack Eckblad defeated attorney Ronald Jansen, with 55 percent of the vote to Jansen’s 45 percent. He will fill the supervisory seat vacated by Clancy, who also serves as state representative.

  • District 9: Incumbent Patti Logsdon defeated real estate agent Danelle Kenney to retain her supervisory seat. Logsdon received 52% to Kenney’s 47%.

  • District 14: Caroline Gómez-Tom, who represented the neighborhood since May of last year, won 62% of the vote, once again defeating perennial voter Angel Sanchez, who had also run against her in the special election to fill the seat after the former Supervisor Dyango Zerpa resigned early 2023. Sanchez received 38% of the district’s votes.

  • District 18: Incumbent Deanna Alexander won 56% of the vote, beating her challenger Citizen Action Wisconsin organizer Brandon Williford, who received 44%.

Incumbent supervisors who ran unopposed this election cycle included: Willie Johnson, Jr., in District 2; Sequanna Taylor in District 5; Shawn Rolland in District 6; Felesia Martin in District 7; Steve Shea, in District 8; Board President Marcelia Nicholson, District 10; Kathleen Vincent, in District 11; Juan Miguel Martinez in District 12, Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones in District 13 and Steve F. Taylor in…

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