Michigan activists launch campaign calling on Democrats to vote against Biden in primaries

DEARBORN, Mich. — Local activists gathered Tuesday morning to launch a campaign calling on Democrats to vote “no strings attached” in the state’s Feb. 27 primary to put pressure on the president. Joe Biden to support a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Some organizers of the campaign, called “Listen to Michigan,” said that although they voted for Biden in 2020, they cannot support his re-election campaign because of his support for Israel – and they do not consider the uncommitted votes as de facto support. for the former president Donald Trump.

“If that’s the case, next November, it’s between Biden and Trump — I mean, it’s basically the Biden administration ceding the White House, because we’ve been abandoned by Biden,” Layla said , campaign director of “Listen to Michigan.” Elabed, a Palestinian-American activist and sister of Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

Elabed added that supporting a ceasefire is a prerequisite for many progressive voters to even begin to consider another vote for Biden this year.

“The bare minimum to start talking about – to really resonate with pro-ceasefire and anti-war voters, the bare minimum to have these discussions is to have a policy around a ceasefire. permanent fire and a reassessment of Israel’s military financing. “Elabed told NBC News before the event. “So it’s not that… if those two things happen automatically, Biden will have our support because we’ve been burned.”

Elabed and others at the event repeatedly called Israel’s actions in Gaza a “genocide.” International Court of Justice hears case on accusationwhich the Israeli and American governments have rejected.

“This goes beyond an election,” Elabed continued.This is a humanitarian policy that the Democratic Party has largely abandoned, in my opinion.

Speaking outside the Henry Ford Centennial Library, organizer Lexis Zeidan said she believes the Biden administration financed the killing of thousands of Palestinians and that the president…

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