McLaren Port Huron donates emergency bleeding kits to local school districts

PORT HURON — Local school districts received emergency Stop the Bleed kits thanks to a donation from McLaren Port Huron.

The hospital donated 27 emergency kits, courtesy of its trauma services department. The kits were distributed to middle and high schools in the county’s seven school districts as well as the St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency.

“It could have an incredible impact if these kits were readily available and accessible in all schools,” said Resa Superintendent Brenda Tenniswood. “They could prove very powerful in the event of a serious injury.”

Tenniswood said every school received at least one emergency bleeding kit. She said the kits are posted the same as AED cases in all school buildings.

Each kit includes eight sets of gloves, tourniquets and specialized gauze to control bleeding. Additionally, McLaren proposed that trauma professionals provide training on how to properly use the items in the kits.

“We really appreciate McLaren’s partnership and support of school districts in providing them with these kits,” Tenniswood said.

The kits are part of a national program created by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma and are intended to equip the community with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to serious and life-threatening bleeding situations.

“Even what may be perceived as a minor injury can result in life-threatening hemorrhage,” Melissa Cunningham, Mclaren Port Huron trauma program manager, said in a news release. “Uncontrolled bleeding constitutes a medical emergency and can often require rapid intervention in the crucial moments following the injury, sometimes before emergency services are available.”

Cunningham said the availability of emergency bleeding kits can help provide crucial care and make a difference in the outcome of an emergency bleeding situation.

The McLaren Port Huron Trauma Program has been awarded a grant from the Department of…

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