Mark Zuckerberg MMA named a risk factor by Meta in annual report – The Hollywood Reporter

Meta is officially warning investors: CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s love of mixed martial arts poses a risk to its business.

Zuckerberg, as many know by now, has become a big fan of MMA, posting photos of himself training UFC fighters and even attending some local matches. He also had knee surgery after injuring his ACL during training for a fight last year.

Now his company Meta Platforms Inc. has decided that Zuckerberg’s love for MMA should be highlighted to shareholders.

“We are currently dependent on the continued services and performance of our key personnel, including Mark Zuckerberg,” the company said in the “Key Personnel” section of its annual report filed on Feb. 2. Zuckerberg and certain other members of management participate in a variety of high-risk activities, such as combat sports, extreme sports, and recreational aviation, that involve risk of serious injury and death.

The section further said, “If Mr. Zuckerberg were to become unavailable for any reason, our operations could be materially adversely affected.”

The Meta founder previously spoke poetically about MMA in a conversation with podcast host (and UFC commentator) Joe Rogan, “It’s literally the best sport. In five minutes I felt like this was where I’d been my whole life. ?

He memorably asks “Will they or won’t they?” Were also involved. Controversy with fellow tech billionaire Elon Musk, who proposed a fight between two individuals in which all proceeds would be donated to charity. Zuckerberg kicked it off, writing in an Instagram Story last August:

“I think we can all agree that Elon is not serious and it’s time to move on,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I offered a real date. Dana White offered to legalize it…

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