Margot Robbie talks ‘Barbie’ snobs .

Margot Robbie expands on her thoughts and feelings about the fact that she and Greta Gerwig did not receive Oscar nominations for Best Actress and Best Director, respectively.

In a conversation with the Los Angeles TimesRobbie explained that she and Gerwig decided to make a film that would “break cultural norms, bring audiences together, entertain them, and engage them on a deeply emotional level,” and that’s exactly what they did.

The actress-producer shared that barbieThe success of is greater than they could have imagined and constitutes the greatest reward they could have obtained, despite the snubs at the Oscars. But she admits she wishes Gerwig had been recognized more.

“As a producer and actress, would I have loved to see Greta nominated for directing? Of course,” she told Times. “But she became the first director to have her first three solo films nominated for Best Picture, which is pretty historic. She cracked the code on this film as only she could. It’s such a singular vision, and Greta brought so much humanity, creativity, inspiration, magic and joy to barbie. And it is thanks to her that we have all received such recognition.

Robbie also considered the possibility that, to the outside world, barbie It seemed like an easy project to do, which it wasn’t.

“It was truly a miracle to make this happen and do it the way we wanted to do it,” the actress said. “And having Greta and Noah [Baumbach’s] whether the script is this movie’s version, I still can’t believe it was made.

She continued: “There have been a million terrible [possible] barbie movies and maybe a perfect movie, and it was such a small target it felt like…

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