Many transgender Americans face stigma and financial hardship, according to a survey

Transgender and non-binary Americans face high rates of unemployment and harassment, according to the largest survey of their lived experiences to date. The data reflects a longstanding pattern of discrimination at a time when states across the country have passed laws restricting health care, restroom access and sports participation.

The results come from the U.S. Transgender Survey, which many researchers and policymakers have relied on since a version was released in 2011. The National Center for Transgender Equality, an advocacy group, conducted the latest edition of the survey in late 2022, collecting responses from more than 92,000 transgender and non-binary Americans ages 16 and older from every state in the country.

The group released a Preliminary investigation Answers to the survey’s 600 questions were released on Wednesday. The full report is expected later this year.

The survey was not conducted on a random sample of transgender people and therefore cannot be interpreted as representative of the transgender population as a whole. The trend was also pronounced, with 43 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24.

Still, there were more than three times as many respondents as in 2015, when the last survey was conducted carried outin which 28,000 people took part.

“You don’t see records like that,” said Sandy James, a lawyer and the lead researcher of the new survey said in a news conference. “Tens of thousands of trans people knew it was essential that they make their voices heard.”

Many respondents reported financial challenges. Eighteen percent of respondents said they were unemployed, well above the national figure, and a third said they had been homeless at some point in their lives. More than a quarter said they had not seen a doctor if they needed to in the past year because of the high costs.

Nearly a third of survey participants said they had been verbally harassed in the past year, and three percent of respondents said…

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