Man killed in drive-by shooting northeast of Decatur

Mar. 28—A drive-by shooting in the 900 block of 10th Avenue Northeast Wednesday afternoon left one man dead, according to witnesses and Decatur police.

As of Wednesday evening, no arrests had been made in the case and, pending notification of family, the identity of the shooting victim had not been released.

Witnesses at the scene said the shooter’s vehicle fled the scene after the shots were fired.

Decatur police spokeswoman Irene Cardenas-Martinez said police received a call shortly after 2 p.m. reporting a shooting involving a man. The victim was transported to Decatur Morgan Hospital. Police then began securing a perimeter around the area.

Witnesses near the scene, who asked that their names not be used for fear of reprisals from the suspects at large, said they saw a beige-colored four-door Chevrolet approaching the factory. animal feed from the Alabama Farmers Co-op.

A young black man walked out of the feed factory talking on a cell phone, a witness said. According to the witness, he then walked toward a nearby parking lot and then began walking on the roadway near 10th Avenue Northeast and Market Street.

A witness said the suspect’s vehicle then passed the man and, after he went back inside the building, the car waited about five minutes and then turned around. The witness said the victim exited the building on foot and shots were fired at her from the vehicle.

A witness said several shots were fired from the driver’s side of the vehicle and the gunshots struck the victim.

Another witness said that after shooting the victim, the car collided with a curb and damaged its fender while running in the opposite direction toward 10th Avenue and Church Street Northeast.

Two crime scene investigation vehicles were parked on 10th Avenue Northeast Wednesday afternoon, along with several Decatur police vehicles and a few fire trucks.

Pieces of the wing were visible because they were marked with evidence tags by investigators.

Cardenas-Martinez said the investigation was being conducted as a…

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