Man escapes torture in Utah motel room, runs naked to highway for help, officials say

A man has been convicted of the 2020 kidnapping, robbery and torture of a man in Utah, officials said.

In April 2020, Ernest Bright and three others robbed and tortured a man for 82 minutes at the All-Star Motel in Salt Lake City, according to a Feb. 5 press release from the prosecutor.

The group stole the man’s money and clothes before duct taping his feet, officials said.

They hit the man, kicked him and tasered him, the prosecutor said. They are also accused of shaving his head and burning his skin.

After the motel received complaints about noise in the room during the torture, staff went to the room, officials said.

That’s when the man was able to escape, running naked with “duct tape around his neck,” officials said.

He ran to a nearby highway for help and a Utah Patrol trooper found him on the shoulder of the road, officials said.

In 2020, the tortured man did not provide the police with the identity of the group but told officers: “they will find me” according to charging documents obtained by Deseret News.

The officer called medical personnel, authorities said. The prosecutor did not specify the man’s state of health in 2020.

During their search, officers found a hatchet, a sword, blood, hair and a micro-torch, officials said.

The three other people linked to this case have already been sentenced, the prosecutor said.

Bright is expected to appear in court in April for sentencing, the release said.

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