Man-eating tiger allowed to be caught in a cage TOU

Man-eating tiger allowed to be caught in a cage 

Man-eating tiger allowed to be caught in a cage

Rishikesh, June 20 (PTI) Uttarakhand’s Chief Wildlife Warden Parag Madhukar Dhakate has given permission to caged a human-ravaged tiger on the outskirts of the Sarpaduli range of the Corbett Tiger Reserve. After catching the man-eating tiger unconscious, the future of the tiger will be decided on the basis of the report of the committee of veterinarians and other officials.

Reserve director Naresh Kumar said that 24-hour patrol is being done to keep an eye on the tiger, for which two pet elephants of the forest department have reached Dhangarhi from Dhikala tourism area of ​​Corbett. He told that patrolling is being done in four wheeler at night.

The Director said that keeping in view the population of Sundarkhal and Mohan areas near Dhangarhi, possible precautions are being taken so that loss of life and property can be avoided.

On February 7 this year, the tiger had eaten a deranged person, after which it again ate Khaleel, a laborer, on 15 June after falling from a motor cycle. Two days later, on June 17, the tiger again attacked the laborer Bobby with a hole in his lungs. Bobby has been sent to Delhi AIIMS for treatment.

Kumar said that the tiger remains a threat to its habitat and stay on the outskirts of Corbett and the Corbett administration has devoted a large part of its capabilities to avert any untoward incident.

He said that the local people have been requested not to go towards the forest, while movement without gun has been banned in the entire reserve area and the movement of two wheelers has been banned.


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