Look at your face before saying anything to India, a country with a dynamic population after eating burgers. TOU

Look at your face before saying anything to India, a country with a dynamic population after eating burgers.


Look at your face before saying anything to India, a country with a dynamic population after eating burgers.

Hatred is growing in the world and when it comes to India, many people are jealous of India’s progress. In fact, it is ironic that even America’s biggest and most influential people are becoming centers of hatred. One of them is Professor Amy Wax recently. Amy Wax, Who is an American academic and professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, tried to degrade Indian Americans. Let me tell you, she was talking to the famous TOU host Tucker Kellerson, whose show is the most watched TV show in America. He specifically targeted Brahmin women for their hateful remarks.

During the visit“There is a problem,” he said. They (Brahmin women of India) are taught that they are better than all others because they are Brahmin upper class and yet at some level, India has many shortcomings. ” She was talking about Indian-origin female doctors who were frustrated with the system serving patients. Carlson was seen smiling at his comment. Amy’s remarks drew sharp criticism on the Internet. Indians as well as Indian Americans came out on social media platforms to openly criticize him. Some have expressed surprise at such comments made in the 21st century, while others have declared that Amy’s thoughts are worse.

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Amy is not wax, aware of the reality of the land

Clearly, Amy is far from the real world. First of all, Immigrant American economy Is the spine. In fact, preaching peace and harmony between different races is not a moral lesson. That is the economic and social need of America. American companies are making a living by running their own business in India. As of 2021, Indian Americans are the largest group of South Asian immigrants in the US. Indian Americans make up 1.4 percent of the US population, numbering over 4.5 million.

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Indian CEOs of American companies

The Indians have left no stone unturned in making America a better place. In fact, India’s Silicon Valley owes its success to Indians. In the late nineties and early 2000s, Indian immigrants found more STEM companies than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan and Japan. In 2006, more than 15.5 percent of the average US startups were founded by Indian immigrants. A 2014 study found that more than 25 per cent of Indian business school graduates may choose to work in the US.

A 2018 study found that 30 per cent of US companies listed on the Fortune 500 and S&P are managed by Indian CEOs. Companies like Twitter, Microsoft and Google are headed by Parag Agarwal, Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, all of Indian descent. In fact, instead of Tim Cook, the next contender for the next Apple CEO is an Indian-American named Sahib Khan.

In the interest of Indian Americans, America

Not only CEO, but other sectors are also dominated by Indians. It is unfortunate that such poison is being thrown at the hardworking Indian Americans, but the world knows that the people of India can run their business anywhere and with their skills, but the frustrated people of America have to think that Indians should be looked down upon. That they hurt themselves.

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