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Could local TV make the move to streaming? A startup called Zem is betting it can do just that, and it plans to use Super Bowl Sunday and actor John Stamos to help introduce itself to the market.

Launched by local TV tech firm SyncBuck (which in turn is backed by local TV station owner Gray TV, the National Association of Broadcasters, Morgan Murphy Media and others), Zem combines local news, sports and other content with founder Jack Will do. Perry described it as a “landing place” after people misused other material.

In a twist on traditional Super Bowl advertising, Zeem will purchase ad space in over 100 local markets during the game, with Stamos surprising viewers by specifically addressing each market (think, “Hey Des Moines!”). The company is planning an eight-figure marketing campaign kicking off its Super Bowl Sunday effort.

Perry said, “The decision was really simple for me: These are my station partners, and I’m going to buy profits directly from them.” He said there will also be an associated national campaign. “It felt like the right thing to do to buy them directly from my CBS partners during the biggest day of the year. I don’t know that anyone has ever done that.”

“The media and creative plan we executed had never been done before on this scale,” says Ross Martin, president of Knows, the marketing agency that created the spot. “And what we’re able to do is use our technology in what’s known to optimize all the media and all the creative for every single market across the country, which means John Stamos is literally talking to you, No matter where you live.

“So if you’re in St. Louis, you’re in Redding, you’re in Albuquerque, that’s really…

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