Llamas frolic in snowy Colorado neighborhood – and are escorted home by police, photos show

A trio of runaway llamas seized the opportunity to get into mischief in a Colorado neighborhood, amusing photos show.

Residents of a town near Denver spotted llamas run through the snowy streets before Wheat Ridge police showed up to fight them, the department said on Facebook.

“In Colorado, even llamas love fresh powder,” the department said in its Feb. 4 article. “Three llamas from southeast Wheat Ridge were so eager to play in the snow this morning that they came out of their fence.”

Photos show the llamas hanging out together and grazing under tall trees where less snow has fallen. One of the photos shows officers posing with llamas in halter tops.

“Sofia, Tina and Napoleon are now back home with their parents after spending time with our team,” the message read.

People in the comments liked the llama names, especially the ones that seemed to come from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.”

“Of course there’s Tina and Napoleon,” someone wrote, adding a GIF from the film.

“These names are killing me!” someone else said. “Love it! Glad they are safe.

Some said they understood the llamas’ desire to escape.

“Maybe the snow was whiter and fluffier on the other side of the fence,” someone said.

“It was a llama snow day!” » said another person.

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