Karachi’s connection behind Bet Dwarka’s ‘Islamization’ must be demolished immediately

Karachi’s connection behind Bet Dwarka’s ‘Islamization’ must be demolished immediately

Karachi’s connection behind Bet Dwarka’s ‘Islamization’ must be demolished immediately

Yeh Bhi Mera, Woh Bhi Mera, Sab Mera, Sari Bhoomi Meri, Bet Dwarka, located 35 km from the city of Dwarka in Gujarat, are currently facing the same “possession” problem. Speaking of the city of Dwarka, it is known as the city of Lord Krishna. The city of Dwarka was established by Lord Krishna around 5000 years ago and hence it is a major center of pilgrimage for devotees of Lord Krishna. But illegal encroachments are flourishing in Bet Dwarka, located some distance from this pilgrimage center of devotees of Shri Krishna, which may also become a threat to India in the future. Now you have to think about what kind of danger?

Will learn in this article Regarding the Karachi connection behind the Islamization of Bet Dwarka and why it should be demolished immediately by hurting this connection.

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More mosque than temple in Bet Dwarka

In fact, at present, one sees more mosques and shrines in Bet Dwarka than temples. Because 80% of the population of this Bet Dwarka is Muslim. The total population of this region is about 12,000, of which about 9,500 are Muslims. Here, about 6.5 crores of land is occupied by mosques and shrines. Recently, the administration hunter has also engaged in illegal occupations here. In October, the administration moved to launch bulldozers on more than 100 encroachments, in which many mosques and shrines were included.

Let us tell you that in 2021, Sunni Waqf Board tried to declare two places of Bet Dwarka as its own, but Gujarat High Court reprimanded Sunni Waqf Board and said that how can you make this claim in the city of Krishna. After which, the High Court dismissed the petition of the Sunni Waqf Board.

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waqf advice request

Let us inform that there are about eight islands in Bet Dwarka, on which temples of Lord Krishna are built on two. The city of Dwar is said to have been founded by Shri Krishna and Sudama came to meet his friend Shri Krishna at Bet Dwarka, who comes inside. About 7,000 families live on these two islands of Bet Dwarka, of which about 6,000 families are Muslim. Based on this, the Waqf Board presents its claim that the majority of the population here is Muslim and that is why the Muslim class and the Waqf Board have the right to the islands of Bet Dwarka.

The surprising thing is that according to the 1960 census, the number of Muslim voters here was 600 and the number of Hindus was 2786. According to this, the population of Hindus should have increased here and there, but there exactly the opposite happened. Really, Daily newspaper According to a report from Hindus, the number of Hindus has dropped to 960 and the number of Muslims has increased to 6040. If we look at the present time, the city of Krishna has been Islamized. Here, people have built mosques and shrines by the sea by cutting down the forest. Most people here go fishing.

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Now you must be thinking how much of a threat this is to the country. In fact, the distance between Bet Dwarka and Karachi is 105 kilometers. Through which Pakistan can be easily reached. People here go to the international border by boat, which is not even counted. From there, you can imagine how much of a threat it can pose to the country. Even many girls from Pakistan including Karachi got married here and many girls from here got married in Pakistan. This is how the girls from Pakistan settled here. Due to which Karachi connection of Islamization happening here is revealed.

drug trafficking business

Along with illegal encroachments on the lands of Bet Dwarka, drug trafficking is also rampant. Due to which all these activities in this domain remain a great threat to India’s internal security. Here Pakistanis can execute their failed plans, many cases of drug trafficking have appeared from here. Due to the sea route, it is also easy for smugglers to smuggle into India.

Through illegal constructions, pucca bases were built in Bet Dwarka. Now dangerous plans for India may be involved behind the illegal construction. Because no one knows who was building these illegal hideouts and what was the conspiracy behind their construction. The question is also that despite being a predominantly Hindu area, how did this area become Islamized? It is a question of investigation as well as a question of internal security of the country on which it is necessary to act as soon as possible.

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Karachi’s connection behind Bet Dwarka’s ‘Islamization’ must be demolished immediately

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