Judge dismisses sex abuse charges against Clyde-Savannah teens in locker room assault case

A Wayne County Court judge on Friday dismissed sexual abuse charges against three Clyde-Savannah High School students accused of a locker room assault on a football teammate.

Defense attorneys for all three men argued there was no evidence of sexual assault. The three men were accused of inserting an object into the teenager, but a medical examination revealed no injuries, defense attorneys said.

Likewise, a video that circulated of players in the apparent hazing incident also did not show evidence of the alleged assault, defense attorney Michael Schiano said.

County Court Judge Richard Healy dismissed the most serious charges on Friday, finding there was insufficient evidence to support the abuse claims. Minor misdemeanor charges, including hazing, remain to be pursued.

Why were the Clyde-Savannah students charged in the first place?

Acting Wayne County Prosecutor Christine Callanan had argued there was an injury. The case was brought before a grand jury, which indicted the three students for sexual assault.

The school canceled its football season after reports of the Oct. 31 incident surfaced.

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