Judge allows Gaetz and Greene to sue California cities that canceled their events

A federal judge cleared the way for representatives on Friday. Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene sue two California cities that canceled their political events in 2021.

But the judge blasted the two pro-Trump firebrands for trying to blame the overturn on a slew of liberal advocacy groups — from the NAACP to the League of Women Voters to LULAC, which the two men accused of conspiring with Anaheim and Riverside, California. to disrupt their planned rallies.

The lawsuit filed by the two Republican lawmakers is “entirely devoid of any specific basis for plausibly alleging such an agreement,” U.S. District Judge Hernan Vera wrote in a statement. 22 page opinioncalling it “both legally and literally, a conspiracy theory that relies solely on conjecture.”

In fact, he said, Gaetz and Greene had attempted with their lawsuit what they accused the groups of doing to them: seeking to punish their political rivals for speaking out against them.

“[H]Bringing nine civil rights groups to federal court for speaking out against an event…should shock members of civil society across the political spectrum in equal measure,” Vera wrote.

The opinion stems from a little-noticed lawsuit that has been underway for months in the federal courthouse in the Central District of California. Gaetz and Greene filed suit in July, seeking damages and a court order barring similar cancellations in the future. Their complaint stemmed from their multiple attempts to book gatherings, first in Riverside and then in Anaheim, only to have the venues pulled at the last minute under pressure from city officials.

Their lawyers include John Eastman, one of the architects of Donald Trump’s attempt to stay in power despite his defeat in the 2020 elections and who faces a possible decision to disbar him as early as next week.

City officials who pushed their local venues to cancel Gaetz and Greene’s events were responding, in part, to a political backlash from civic groups and their members, who complained that local venues…

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