Japan’s Canon says interest in new chip manufacturing equipment exceeds expectations

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s Canon on Tuesday said early interest in its new lithography chipmaking machines exceeded expectations as it makes a major effort to bridge the gap with Dutch company ASML.

ASML has become Europe’s most valuable tech company with its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines, which use rays of light to create circuitry and are employed by TSMC and Intel to make cutting-edge chips.

In October, Canon unveiled its new NanoImprint Lithography machines, which imprint circuit patterns directly onto wafers. The company emphasizes the low cost and low power consumption of the devices, their prospects are a subject of debate in the industry.

Although it is too early to say when the machines will contribute to Canon’s sales, Minoru Asada, head of Canon’s finance and accounting headquarters, told reporters, “The response has been much bigger than we expected.”

The company aims to introduce machines for the production of memory chips before expanding into other areas, Asada said.

Canon expects to sell 247 of its existing lithography machines in the fiscal year ending in December, compared with 187 units a year earlier, driven by demand to power chips and graphics processing units (GPUs) for artificial intelligence tasks. Has increased.

(Reporting by Sam Nussey and Miho Uranaka; Editing by Kylie MacLellan)

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