Jane Fonda pays tribute to her late friend Paula Weinstein, calls for support from Biden

Jane Fonda took to social media to remember her longtime “best friend” Paula Weinstein, who died on March 25 at the age of 78, and to share how people can honor her late friend.

“I lost my best friend, PAULA WEINSTEIN. Paula was everything a friend should be – to me and to so many people. I sat Shivah in her NYC apartment with so many people who also consider her their best friend and I feel jealous, to be honest,” the Oscar winner wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday. “Paula could make us all laugh harder than anyone. She was always good at a real belly laugh.

Weinstein was a longtime Tribeca executive and producer who worked on dozens of projects throughout her career, including The Fabulous Baker Boys, The perfect storm, Analyze this And Grace and Frankie.

“A lot of young women who worked with her at the Tribeca Film Festival are here and tell me what an incredible mentor she was to them… always having them in the room where the decisions were being made, so they could learn,” Fonda continued. “Many of the women she mentored have since led programs at major studios. This is how people live forever…they matter in people’s lives.

Weinstein and Fonda not only had a close bond outside of work, but also collaborated on numerous projects, from Monster-in-law (2005) to This is where I leave you (2014) and, more recently, the hit television series Grace and Frankie.

“But more than that: Paula was the one I turned to when I had a problem,” Fonda wrote in her tribute. “The one my children turned to when there were family problems and she helped them solve the problems. I am godmother to his beautiful daughter, Hannah. She was…

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