Jaishankar puts Biden’s human rights bomb back in his pocket TOU

Jaishankar puts Biden’s human rights bomb back in his pocket


Jaishankar puts Biden’s human rights bomb back in his pocket

Chaube ji went to become Chabbe ji, returned as Dubey ji. He first shared knowledge on India’s neutrality on the Russia-Ukraine issue, then tried to give wisdom on oil imports, then came the human rights slogan, because whatever the basic tendency to threaten India, how to get rid of it. The United States has always worked on this.

Bullying was pending

But this time India External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar In a single statement all American wisdom stunned the brave. Jaishankar alone in the form of Pavansut Hanuman continued to tarnish the Western media on the one hand and Joe Biden’s lobby and all American bullying on the other.

In fact, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar were in the US on Monday carrying the flags of India’s two main ministries. There, they both arrived to present India’s side for two very important discussions, the first 2 + 2 meeting and the second virtual summit, in which many senior officials were present. By default The US intends to put pressure on India Why was that At the same time, the maneuver turned on him again.

It so happened that Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had given a strong response to the United States of America (USA) on the remarks made against India regarding the alleged “human rights violations”. He said New Delhi was also concerned about human rights in the United States. In such a situation, America kept crying saying ‘Aari, Mori Maiya’ and Hon’ble Minister Jaishankarji played.

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What was the reaction of the US Secretary of State?

Reacting sharply to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s recent remarks on “increasing human rights violations” in India, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that “people” have a right to have an opinion on India’s policies, but at the same time, New Delhi to have an opinion on them. Is “equally entitled”.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday Your first official response I also mentioned the hate attack on two Sikh men in New York, which set fire to the Indo-US system and according to sources, Bernoulli’s system would be sent from India.

At a joint press conference on Monday after the 2 + 2 dialogue between the top US and Indian ministers, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the US was monitoring some of the recent “related developments” in India, in which he “Increase in human rights violations” Said. The rights are being violated by some government, police and prison officials, it was mentioned in the talks, on which Jaishankar lightly poured curd in America’s mouth as to what to say now.

S Jaishankar told a press conference that the issue of human rights was not a topic of discussion during the ministerial level meeting, “Look, people have a right to have an opinion about us. But we are equally entitled to consider their views and interests. So, whenever there is a discussion, I can tell you that we will not be ashamed to speak, the issue of human rights was not a topic of discussion during the ministerial level meeting.

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Human rights shiguf

Then came a turn that America never expected, in which the human rights of American Shigufi were destroyed. S Jaishankar said, “I will tell you that we also share our views on the human rights situation in the United States of America with others. Therefore, we raise the issue of human rights in this country, especially as it relates to our community and origin. And, of course, we had an affair yesterday … and in fact, we’re standing by it. ” That was the case An alleged hate crime in the Richmond Hills area of ​​New York, USA, was a clear reference to the attack on two Sikh men on Tuesday. The two men, who were out for a morning walk, were allegedly attacked at the same spot where a member of the community was attacked about 10 days ago.

What’s more, amid discussions over India’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, S Jaishankar’s remarks to the US Secretary of State on human rights in India were rarely seen as a direct rebuke by Washington in New Delhi.

Replying to a question on India’s decision to buy oil from Russia, the Indian External Affairs Minister said, “I see that you have mentioned buying oil. If you are thinking of buying energy from Russia, I suggest that your focus should be on Europe. S Jaishankar said, “We buy some energy, which is essential for our energy security. But I doubt that, judging by the statistics, our total purchases for the month will be lower than Europe at noon. So, you can think about it. ”

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America fell into its conspiracy

That is to say, whether it is oil or Russia-Ukraine or India’s neutral stance on human rights, despite deviating from the subject, India has responded to all those issues and trapped the US in its conspiracy. America came to push India only showed the mirror It is better if a country that is silent on terrorism does not impart knowledge about human rights. “No account, no book, what the Americans say is true.”

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