Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for NFT resale, failed to impress: Details TOU

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for NFT resale, failed to impress: Details


Jack Dorsey’s first tweet for NFT resale, failed to impress: Details

On April 13 (local time), a non-fungal token (NFT) sale of the first tweet of Jack Dorsey, the Twitter founder of Iranian-born crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi’s Twitter Finished Just under $ 280. Estavi bought NFT for $ 2.9 million in March last year and resold it for $ 48 million last week. He promised to donate 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of NFT. However, the auction closed on Wednesday with only seven offers in the list ranging from 0.09 ETH ($ 277 approx) to 0.0019 ETH ($ 6 approx).

“The deadline I set was over, but if I get a good offer, I can accept it, maybe I will never sell it,” Syndesk quoted Estavi as saying. Notably, the NFT is still for sale, and people can bid on it. Currently, the maximum bid he received is 1.5 ETH (approximately $ 4,704). Despite a sharp rise in bids since the sale ended, it is still far behind the કિંમત 48 million demand price in ETH.

The latest bid at the time this report was published was 1.5 ETH. Source: opensea.io

First tweet by Jack Dorsey

A copy of Jack’s first tweet sold for 2.9 million last year. It was released on March 21, 2006 and was the first tweet ever. It read, “Set up my twttr”. When Estavi decided to resell it and announced it on Twitter, JK responded and said, “Why not 99% of it?” Notably, JK donated all proceeds from the sale of the tweet. He converted the funds into bitcoin and sent it to the Africa Response to the nonprofit Guido Directly. Estavi thanked him for accepting the offer and said he was glad the money was used for charity.

Who is Sina Estavi?

Sina Estavi is the CEO of Bridge Oracle (BRG Token) and owner of Cryptoland, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Iran. That was it Report He was arrested by Iranian authorities on May 17 last year for economic corruption. Following his arrest, both of his ventures collapsed, and now that he is out of jail, Estavi is trying to relaunch BRG tokens. The day Astavi put NFT on sale, it also announced a token swap where BRG investors could swap their old tokens for new ones.


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