Italy tells chatbot maker OpenAI that ChatGPT violates European privacy laws

LONDON (AP) — Italian regulators say they told OpenAI that its ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot violated the European Union’s strict data privacy rules.

The country’s data protection authority, known as Garante, said on monday It notified San Francisco-based OpenAI about the breach of EU rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

The watchdog began investigating ChatGPT last year, when it Chatbots have been temporarily banned in Italy Which can generate text, images and sound in response to users’ questions.

Based on the results of its “fact-finding activity”, the watchdog said it had “concluded that the available evidence points to the existence of violations of provisions in EU privacy rules”.

OpenAI has 30 days to respond to the allegations. It did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company said last year that several conditions met Garante demanded it remove chatgpt restrictions,

The watchdog imposed the ban after finding that some users’ messages and payment information were exposed and because ChatGPT had no system to verify the age of users, allowing children to receive replies from the AI ​​tool. were found to be inappropriate for their age.

It also raised questions about whether there is a legal basis for OpenAI collect massive amounts of data Chat was used to train GPT’s algorithm and raised concerns that the system could sometimes generate false information about individuals.

The growing popularity of Generative AI systems like ChatGPT Regulators are also coming under increasing scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic.

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