It is time to see India through the eyes of India: late TOU

It is time to see India through the eyes of India: late

It is time to see India through the eyes of India: late

Swami Chidananda Saraswati shared his thoughts in the environmental dialogue organized by Panchjanya and Organizer in Delhi. He appealed to adopt and promote the methods of India.

Swami Chidananda Saraswati ji said that the subject which is most important today is being considered and brainstormed. Gadkari ji was talking about water that the car will run on water. Water is the next fuel. There will be a stock market for water. Buy now and sell twenty years later. That is why we have discussed it in Rig Veda long ago. Since then till now the latest work is by Swami Tulsidas. Let us tell our children about water in a scientific way. I think that in the next ten years, this bottle of water will be worth up to three hundred rupees. In ten years, drinking water in India will be less than half of what it needs. In twenty years, half of the water in the world will be left. If there is water then there is Ganga, then there is Aquarius then there is Prayag. Water is everything. From the Vedas till today it has been said that this body is made up of Panchatatva. We have Panchatatva in God here.

1- Land
2- Gagan
3- Air
4- Fire
5- Neer
The inclusion in these five is God.

He said that it is time to save water. I asked the religious leaders to know the importance of water. Swami Chidananda ji also discussed that he had a discussion with Shri Mohan Bhagwat on environment. Shri Mohan Bhagwat ji also discussed the environment in the inauguration from Nagpur on Dussehra. We should all think about the environment. When it comes to India, it is time to see India through the eyes of India. I would say that what is lost is not grief, what is left is not less. Today Panchjanya needs to be played with a new vision. Today again Panchjanya has to be played. Panchjanya was played in Kurukshetra, Mahabharata took place there. Today it will be five o’clock again. Now it is the turn of making Mahabharata. Journey from Mahabharata to Mahabharata. Panchjanya was also played there. It used to ring in Kurukshetra, but now it will ring in every house.

He said that now there is strong leadership. Now there is a cultured government. The Prime Minister is giving vision to the whole country. India’s rites abroad are leaving an impression. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his first speech in Madison Square. Everyone saw that scene. This is the first time I have seen such respect for the head of state of a country. This country is fortunate to have a fakir. Swamiji said that today the time of Panchjanya has come again. Of the preservation of the fivefold rites. Of culture and environmental protection. Government, society and institutions should all work together. Every ashram, every institution should be innovative.

He said to boycott plastic. Use the methods of India. Resolve together. Plant trees on your birthday. We request you to do a program of Panchjanya on Gangatat.

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