‘It Happened One Night’ swept all five major Oscar categories

It happened one night released in theaters on February 22, 1934 and 90 years later, it remains the greatest romantic comedy ever made.

Based on the 1933 Cosmopolitan The short story “Night Bus” (also the film’s shooting title), follows a spoiled socialite (Claudette Colbert) who, against her father’s wishes, boards a Greyhound from Miami to New York to reunite with her fiancé. Along the way, she meets a journalist (Clark Gable) who agrees to escort her in exchange for the scoop. In true romantic comedy fashion, the two bicker but fall in love. Among her emblematic sequences, there is one in which Colbert, standing at the side of the road, lifts her skirt to encourage people to get on (she initially resisted filming, calling the movement “unladylike”, but felt that the body double was not up to the task and gave in). ), and another, set in a motel room, in which Gable takes off his shirt to reveal – gasp! – no undershirt. Tradition has it that the scene hurt sales of undershirts. (“That was exactly how I lived,” Gable later explained, avoiding underwear. “They made me feel confined and suffocated.”)

While the two stars hesitated to board Night and left the set unimpressed – Colbert told friends, “I just finished the worst movie in the world” – critics felt differently. THR praised the film as a “brilliant, brilliant picture” and “a charming, humane and believable story”. The film was a box office success, grossing $2.5 million ($60 million in 2024) on a budget of $325,000 ($7 million today). At the 1935 Academy Awards, it swept all five major categories – film, director, actor, actress and adapted screenplay – and became the first of three films to do so. (1975s We flew over the Cuckoo’s nest and the years 1991 The silence lambs

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