Israel successfully tests laser-based ‘Iron Beam’ air defense system TOU

Israel successfully tests laser-based ‘Iron Beam’ air defense system


Israel successfully tests laser-based ‘Iron Beam’ air defense system

Israel has successfully tested its new laser missile-defense system, Iron Beam, the world’s first energy-based weapons system that can intercept an unlimited number of mortars, rockets and anti-tank missiles.

According to ReportsIron Beam, developed by Israeli defense contractor Raphael Advanced Defense Systems, is a guided-energy weapon air defense system designed to complement a range of air defense systems.

On Twitter, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced the successful testing of the Iron Beam on Twitter. He tweeted, “Israel has successfully tested a new” Iron Beam “laser interception system. It is the world’s first energy-based weapon system that uses lasers to shoot UAVs, rockets and mortars at a cost of $ 3.50 per shot. ”

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said, “This sounds like a science fiction story, but it’s real.”

How do iron beams work?

Iron beam system, which uses a fiber laser to destroy airborne targets Designed To destroy short range rockets, artillery and mortar bombs. It has a range of up to 7 km, which is often considered too close to the Iron Dome system to effectively prevent razors. The latest system can also intercept unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The effectiveness of the latest laser system can be deployed on land, air and sea. Israeli defense forces intend to deploy laser systems around Israel’s borders over the next decade to protect the country from attacks.

Significant advantages of using a guided energy weapon over conventional missile interceptors are that they are cost-effective and can be used without any limitations. There is also no interceptor debris to fall on the protected area. According to the Israeli defense, the interceptions of the iron beam are quiet and invisible, costing only $ 3.50 or about Rs 250 to stop the flying object.

Recent successful tests will change security and strategic dynamics in the region, advancing Israel’s defense capabilities against Hamas and Iran. According to reports, trials took place in the Negev desert last month.

Israel is already there Developed Or deployed a series of air defense systems to intercept objects flying from long-range missiles to rockets. The Iron Beam is the fifth element of Israel’s integrated air defense system, including the Arrow 2, Arrow 3, David’s Sling, and the Iron Dome.

So far, Israel has used its Iron Dome defense system to intercept rockets and missiles fired from hostile neighborhoods. With a 90 percent interception rate against incoming rocket fire, it’s a big success for IDF. However, IDF officials say deploying the system is costly. Here is a detailed description of the operation of the Iron Dome air defense system.


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