Islamic State urges its supporters to focus on the social media war TOU

Islamic State urges its supporters to focus on the social media war


Islamic State urges its supporters to focus on the social media war

The Islamic State (ISKP) is an Islamic State militant group Urged his supporters and recruits to emphasize Media war in addition to military combat. “Fighting with the tongue is just as important as fighting physically,” ISKP said in a new issue of their magazine.

Islamic State-Khorasan Province has announced in a new edition of the organization’s English-language magazine that deliberate focus on the “social media war” is important not only to advance on the ideological battlefield, but also to counter the allure of “charming” social media. . Influencers

In an article published online in the third edition of Voice of Khurasan Magazine, the terrorist organization said, “War comes in many forms and targets various aspects of human beings. War can be fought militarily by targeting the physical self or ideologically targeting the intellect . ”

“As important as physical conflict is, so is ideological confrontation. If people, in our case Muslims, are defeated or at least get caught up in a battle of heart and mind, they can be defeated before the physical war begins, “the article added.

Furthermore, he said, “Western crusaders understand the importance of the battle for heart and mind, and are eager to open their research centers, colleges and other forms of institutions and prepare to move forward on this front. They have funded thousands of people in the name of research.” Provided and bought people wearing Muslim clothes.

According to the magazine, despite their territories being stripped from them, the ISKP is still engaged in jihad.

Recently, in March, an ISKP spokesperson revealed the death of an Indian fighter. In one article, they referred to him only by his adopted name, Najib Al Hindi, and described him as a 23-year-old “Engineering (M.Tech) student” from Kerala. No other details about Najib were disclosed in the post, nor did he say when he died or the circumstances surrounding his death.

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