Indian answer to whites? Liberal Jamaat is angry with Jaishankar TOU

Indian answer to whites?  Liberal Jamaat is angry with Jaishankar


Indian answer to whites? Liberal Jamaat is angry with Jaishankar

How did you respond to Abba? This is the situation of the so-called liberal journalists of India whose bread has stopped after 2014 and they themselves have become unemployed. For the American system Truthful Harishchandra and those who believe in his father This same journalist is so annoyed today that how did the Indian leadership have such an ability to respond to the American system.

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Jaishankar Have American Mechanism To All four To eat Mind Tax Gave

Recently, India’s Minister of Defense and External Affairs – Rajnath Singh and Dr. S. Jaishankar was on a visit to the US with the intention of attending a 2 + 2 dialogue and a virtual summit. Although America’s intention was to bring down India and put pressure on it, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar smashed the American system into a single ball and then started lamenting the widow of the class of India which considers America as Abbu today. Could have done without their jihujuri.

YouTuber Abhisar Sharma, an alleged liberal journalist and a real hit of unemployment, recently lashed out at Union Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar and Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh for “keeping quiet about US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s remarks”. According to Convergence through his alleged knowledge, Blink targeted India for alleged human rights violations in the country. In your live video, Abhisar said“Blink has hit India on the country’s human rights record, and both Indian ministers Rajnath Singh and S Jaishankar have not uttered a word.”

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Convergence Sharma Agenda

Indeed, at a joint press conference on Monday after the 2 + 2 dialogue between the top ministers of the US and India, US Secretary of State Anthony Blink said that the US India is keeping an eye on some recent “related developments”, in which he said “there is an increase in human rights violations.” It was mentioned in the discussion that rights are being violated by some government, police and prison officials. Abhisar also said so and said that this is a shameful moment for India, because the agenda was to run, Abhisar made and posted this video on April 12.

For example, on April 13, S. Jaishankar lightly brushed off Blinkon and his accusation, which caused the American mouth to churn. If you had to be brave for knowledge, you would have stayed for a while and become, it is very dangerous to share knowledge ahead of time. On these allegations of convergence, the audience themselves, those active on social media and those who have humility and affection towards India, hit and killed them. The way the Liberal Jamaat was angry with Jaishankar, the Indians retaliated by slapping all those elements in the face.

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What a Twitter user wrote

A Twitter user It is written that, Abhisar – Dr. Jaishankar handled it very well without giving any shout or sharp answer. He listened to Blinkon and responded in a way that suited his size. His response was firm, clear and contradictory and contradictory. Convergence, this is beyond you. Please relax.

Someone says that Convergence Has become a victim of heat flames.

Someone says Show that, “Pre-Mature Ejaculation of Dalla Convergence”

Someone wrote that Tell me by running a channel without funds. Do anything nonsense. Shame on you, it happened, it happened. Anything nonsense. This is Hindustan, you sellers will not understand. Unless you speak out against the country. How will your livelihood and family go?

There are too many answers When people try to mirror convergence, convergence accustomed to spreading lies and fake agendas will hardly learn from it because now even if this is stopped, the source of income will be dear to Ram. In such a scenario, this agenda will continue and at the same time the process of stripping this agenda will continue in the same way as the people of today’s India are enough to respond to the American shoe polishers.

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