India should join hands with Pakistan but with obstacles in its legs TOU

India should join hands with Pakistan but with obstacles in its legs


India should join hands with Pakistan but with obstacles in its legs

The government in Pakistan has changed and the new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is with India. Improving the relationship India-Pakistan relations have deteriorated during the tenure of Imran Khan. Its direct negative impact is being seen on Pakistan’s economy. Therefore, the new government is compelled to move towards dialogue with India to improve the health of the economy and this is the reason behind Shahbaz Sharif’s statement.

Shahbaz Sharif said Pakistan was looking for “peaceful and cooperative” relations with India. According to media reports, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a congratulatory message to Shahbaz Sharif after he became the Prime Minister. In his letter, the Indian Prime Minister expressed his intention to improve relations with Pakistan. In response, the Prime Minister of Pakistan sent a letter to the Prime Minister of India acknowledging the need to improve relations with India.

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India-Pakistan relations

There are many such equations that have forced Pakistan to improve its relations with India. First, the fact that even Pakistan’s military and security think tanks have realized that India has now become a global power with which Pakistan cannot compete on an equal footing. Recently, the National Security Policy promulgated by the Pakistan Army also acknowledged that economic power is the most important component of national security. Everyone knows that at present no country in the world can dream of becoming economically strong by bypassing India and China.

The economic benefits that China was expected to get from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor are also not being met. The failure of the CPEC weakened economic ties between China and Pakistan. Instead, the North-South Economic Corridor being developed by India and our allies could improve Pakistan’s economy in the future.

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Foreign policy reform

The third aspect is that China has a huge influence on Pakistan’s foreign policy at the moment. Currently, Western nations are rallying against Russia because of the Ukraine war. Due to better relations between Russia and China and mutual competition between China and America, Russia and China together are creating a separate pole against the West in the world. India is still neutral, but there has been some tension between India and the West over Russia. In such a scenario, China has a chance to mend the sourness in Indo-China relations that has come over the last two years. Execution of China Pakistan will also follow the path of China.

Pakistan does not have a fundamentally independent foreign policy and its policies are influenced by Saudi Arabia and its allies China and the United States. Economic interest was a major factor in determining foreign policy. All these elements are forcing Pakistan to improve relations with India. Therefore, during the tenure of Shahbaz Sharif, Pakistan will try to improve.

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But India should not forget the basic attitude of Pakistan. This country, built on the ideology of Islamic fundamentalists, will never be able to establish long-term peace with India. Pakistan, the nursery of global terrorism, is anti-India in its very nature. The dominant terrorist group in Pakistan suffers from the Mughal mentality and still dreams of capturing Delhi. Shakti is worshiped in the world, Goswami Tulsidas wrote in Sunderkand, ‘Preeti of Bhaya Binuhoi’This line should be the essence of India’s Pakistan policy.

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