India-Pakistan relations could improve if Shahbaz Sharif follows in his brother’s footsteps TOU

India-Pakistan relations could improve if Shahbaz Sharif follows in his brother’s footsteps


India-Pakistan relations could improve if Shahbaz Sharif follows in his brother’s footsteps

Pakistan is a terrorist country. Pakistan’s politics also revolve around terrorism. Pakistan has always sown the seeds of hatred against India. Pakistan It doesn’t matter who is appointed as the head of state, because every single Pakistani game is still involved in anti-India activities. But, in the past, there were some Pakistani leaders who did their best to make a treaty with India. Nawaz Sharif Was one of them. Now, experts have pinned their hopes on his brother Shahbaz Sharif. However, it is no longer surprising that Pakistan has seen only one more change. Once again, the incumbent Prime Minister lost his support and was forced to resign. Imran Khan The exit means that Nawaz Sharif’s younger brother Shahbaz Sharif will be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Although Shahbaz has received active support from the military, which has historically been anti-India, many believe he will carry on his brother’s legacy. When it comes to foreign affairs, Shahbaz’s brother Nawaz Sharif is considered the best prime minister in Pakistan’s history. His efforts to build relations with India have been highly praised in the literature documenting international affairs. Despite being actively expelled by his army, Nawaz continued to strengthen ties with the Atal Bihari Vajpayee administration.

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Lahore Agreement

When Sharif came to power in 1997, his main focus was on improving domestic infrastructure. However, as soon as Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister of India, Sharif turned his attention to improving relations with India. He had a personal relationship with Prime Minister Vajpayee. The two Prime Ministers had deep respect for each other.

In 1998, the Sharif and Vajpayee governments signed an agreement recognizing the importance of bilateral peace between the two countries. The purpose of the agreement was to resolve all bilateral disputes between the two countries. Meanwhile, Sharif sent an invitation to PM Vajpayee to visit Pakistan. Atal G. He took a bus from Delhi and reached Lahore on 19 February 1999. This was actually the inauguration of the Delhi-Lahore bus service, which later became a permanent status.

Two days later, the historic Lahore Declaration was signed by the respective Prime Ministers. That’s it To understand Established that the two nuclear powers would not compete with each other for supremacy. Within a few months, Pakistani forces attacked India in Kargil, which turned into a war and thwarted all of Sharif’s efforts. Sharif later resigned in October 1999.

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Nawaz has Was Try to improve the relationship

Despite failing in his previous term, Nawaz sought to improve relations with India during his third term as Pakistan’s prime minister. Nawaz actively participated in the inauguration ceremony of Prime Minister Modi on 26 May 2014. Nawaz became the first head of state of Pakistan to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister of India. In May 2014, Gentleman The two countries were able to secure the agreement by gaining market access on a reciprocal basis (NDMARB) status without any discrimination. Its purpose was to liberalize trade with India. According to the report, the Pakistani military again thwarted the attempt and forced Nawaz to stop liberalizing trade relations with India.

However, Nawaz insisted on good relations with India. He is said to have met PM Modi during the SAARC summit in 2015, but the friendship offered by PM Modi was returned to Pakistan by the Uri attack. India later retaliated with a surgical strike. After the Uri attack, India decided not to take Pakistan in the direction of resolving the Kashmir issue. India repealed Article 370 and opened the door for full unification of Kashmir with India.

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Shahbaz came with hope

The situation has only gotten worse in the last few years. Imran Khan’s election campaign was based on his anti-India rhetoric. His fan base is full of fanatical Pakistanis. Although he later tried to persuade India, his election campaign hurt him as much as possible. Now Shahbaz Sharif Have emerged as a ray of hope. In response to a tweet congratulating PM Modi, Shahbaz wrote, “Thank you Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the congratulations.” Pakistan wants peaceful and cooperative relations with India. After Imran Khan’s failed policies and his black deeds, Shahbaz Sharif took over the reins of power in Pakistan and there is hope for improving relations with India.


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