India made every country bow before it at the G20 summit

India made every country bow before it at the G20 summit

India made every country bow before it at the G20 summit

At present, India is emerging as a leading country in the world. India is reaching new heights globally and the whole world is witnessing it. India’s growing power today can be gauged from the fact that regardless of the platform, India’s dominance remains there. We could also see the latest example of this during the G-20 conference held in Indonesia, where all the powerful countries of the world were present, but India remained the main center of discussion during this period. At the G-20 summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed India’s power to the world.

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G-20 Summit in Bali

In fact, recently the G-20 summit was held in Bali, Indonesia, which was attended by heads of state from many countries. The G-20 is a group of 20 of the most powerful countries in the world, made up of the five largest economies such as the United States, China, Japan, Germany and India. During this, there was a gathering of world leaders for two days on the island of Bali in Indonesia. This time India’s dominance was clearly visible in the conference. This G-20 summit took place at a time when the world is facing a serious crisis due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Along with this, the world is also trying to get out of the corona pandemic.

At the conference, leaders from many powerful countries around the world were seen eager to meet Prime Minister Modi, whose photos were going viral on social media. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has given Prime Minister Narendra Modi the utmost importance. At the conference, US President Joe Biden himself appeared to shake Prime Minister Modi’s hand. US President Joe Biden, the most powerful country in the world, leaning towards India, tells the story of India’s growing supremacy in the world. It is the same America, which was trying to run India on its own terms by threatening. But now, the same America has no say over India. But call it America’s coercion or something else, today it has become necessary to take India with it.

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modi biden g-20

The world has seen the power of India

Not only Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron has also shown great interest in talks with Prime Minister Modi. Let us tell you that French President Emmanuel Macron was leaving with his hand on Prime Minister Modi’s back, after which Prime Minister Modi warmly shook hands with the French President. After that, new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Modi met twice. They met informally on Tuesday, while formal talks took place on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Britain also announced that 3 thousand Indians New visas will be issued on

During the conference, a statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi also remained the subject of discussion everywhere. Prime Minister Modi gave his opinion on the Russian-Ukrainian war said in a press release, “Today’s era should not be one of war.” He also said the best way to resolve the war is through dialogue and diplomacy. The echo of this message from PM Modi was also felt in the manifesto of the G-20 summit. In fact, this message from Prime Minister Modi was also included in the declaration adopted by the G-20 member countries.

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G20 Summit in Bali

G-20 command in India’s hands

Most importantly, the leadership of the next G-20 summit has passed to India. Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the closing ceremony of the G20 summit in Bali handed over the presidency to India, Suffice to say that India will officially assume the presidency of the G20 from December 1st. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the G-20 chairmanship is a matter of pride for every Indian. We will organize meetings in our different cities and states. Our guests will be able to fully experience the wonder, diversity, inclusive traditions and cultural richness of India. Prime Minister Modi said India is taking over the G-20 presidency at a time when the world is grappling simultaneously with geopolitical tensions, economic slowdown and rising energy prices, and the side effects of the pandemic. At such a time, the world looks to the G-20 with hopeful eyes.

So, on the whole, the leaders of the powerful countries of the world participated in this conference, but India remained the center of the whole conference. Where the Prime Minister warmly met the Heads of State of powerful countries around the world. Prime Minister Modi emerged as the most popular person at this conference held in Bali, proving that today the whole world is accepting the iron of India’s growing global power. If seen, Prime Minister Modi and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar played a significant role in this shift in Indian diplomacy.

It should be noted here that India is going to take charge of the G-20 conference. The G-20 is an influential group for global economic cooperation. This represents approximately 85% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). At the same time, it also represents more than 75% of world trade and nearly two-thirds of the world’s population. In such a situation, this platform is very important.

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India made every country bow before it at the G20 summit

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