India is ready to feed the hungry world TOU

India is ready to feed the hungry world


India is ready to feed the hungry world

If you ever discuss the dream of ‘Undivided India’ in yourself So-called Intellectuals, in the face of a leftist friend, would interpret it as a fictional expansionist policy. Some of you may think so. The reason is that you see India not as an idea but in terms of narrow geographical circumference. If you think that there is only India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Jamgar to Itanagar then you are wrong. India is an idea that can embrace the world by breaking the boundaries of the whole nation established on this whole creation by adopting the path of Vasudeva Kutumbakam, Sarvajan Sukhaya, Om Shanti and Vishwa Kalyan. Whenever humanity loses, gets tired, stops, gets scared, breaks down and gets defeated, India opens its doors. Also lives here and Welfare Also shows the way.

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Talk to the US President

Perhaps that is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a conversation with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday: If World Trade Organization (WTO) India allows India Food stores around the world Will fill

Modi via video link Ahmedabad After inaugurating the hostel and education complex of Shri Annapurna Dham Trust near Adalaj, he said-Russia-Ukraine Due to the war, food stocks are declining in many parts of the world. The world is shocked to know that there are about 80 crores in India Citizens Free rations are provided for more than two years. Today, The world is uncertain More difficult Because coping with the situation Resources needed by many countries for their citizens, Materials and rations are not available Is. Petrol, Procurement of oil and fertilizer is becoming difficult as all the doors are closing.

Modi said that since the beginning of the Russo-Ukraine war, every country has wanted to secure its collection. That is why the world is now facing a new problem and the world’s food supply is running out. I also raised this issue while talking to the US President. I suggested that India was ready to supply food if the WTO allowed.

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India has enough grain

India already has enough food for its people. In addition, our farmers have managed to feed the world. But, we have to follow the rules of the world. According to Have to work. So I don’t know when the WTO will allow it so that we can provide food to the world.

The world is amazed that India has been providing good food to millions of its people for so long. Goddess Annapurna is the presiding deity of Leuva Patel, a sub-sect of the politically important Patidar community in Gujarat.

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That is India Universal There are principles. Perhaps that is why if any citizen here becomes a ruler, he will get this universality in his rule because India has instilled such values ​​in him. Whether it’s the global distribution of covid vaccines or dealing with terrorism. Whether it is a question of enhancing the environment or establishing peace India The world has always been, is and always will be.

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