Improper Sovereign Citizen Arrest Defense

Improper Sovereign Citizen Arrest Defense

The brutal arrest of a sovereign citizen in Coffs Harbor last week took a bizarre new turn after her friend gave a nonsensical reason for her behavior.

Last Wednesday, police were filmed pulling a woman from her car after she repeatedly refused to acknowledge their authority.

The traffic stop took place just off the Pacific Highway in Coffs Harbor on Wednesday when Helen Delaney refused to comply, before making the bizarre claim that she and her passenger Luke Simpson weren’t driving – but ” were traveling”.

After a long argument, a police officer ends up breaking the car window before unlocking the door and pulling Ms Delaney from the vehicle, while scooping a coarse spray from the passenger filming the ordeal.

The woman was charged with outstanding warrants, using an unregistered motor vehicle on the road, unpaid motor vehicle tax, using an uninsured motor vehicle on the road, refusal to produce a driver’s license and refusal or non-submission to a breathalyzer.

But just a day later, Ms Simpson and Ms Delaney joined an Instagram Live explaining their actions, with the clip shared on Twitter by an account dedicated to “watching, mocking and calling out conspiracy theorists for amusement and l ‘education”.

“If you want to understand the thinking of sovereign citizens, this is a good watch,” the caption reads.

However, Mr. Simpson instead launches a long rambling rant that is nearly impossible to follow.

“…Just to give guys an idea of, uh, how belligerent and illegal this, uh, legal system is. Uh, they continue, no, in their eyes with what Helen has done in terms of, uh, you know, retraining and actually detaching, you know, cutting the umbilical cords of, ah, the system itself, so she’s no longer, uh, she’s now a stranger to Australian society, right? ” he says.

“Some of you here may not understand what this means, but uh, this operation on this continent is nothing but cooperation.

“So I’m going to roll over and Helen has now broken away from the front men, she’s protected her names and Helen is now known as Helen Mary, not Helen Mary Delaney in all caps, and I guess it’s just a bit of that.

“So in regards to Helen being a renewed national and actually registered with an original, an original, uh, nation of terra australis… uh, she signed, uh, has a live birth certificate, uh, the crime , the incident that happened yesterday was what they did was invoked international law, and whoever participated in the kidnapping of Helen, uh, was in violation of Article 31 of the Geneva Convention .

I have news for you

For the record, Article 31 is about “refugees illegally in the host country”, and has nothing to do with citizens who do not believe in driving licenses or the authority of the police.

It stipulates that “The Contracting States shall not impose penalties, on account of their illegal entry or stay, on refugees who, coming directly from a territory where their life or freedom has been threatened within the meaning of Article 1, enter or are in their territory without authorization, provided that they present themselves without delay to the authorities and justify their irregular entry or presence”.

“The Contracting States shall apply to the movements of such refugees no restrictions other than those which are necessary and such restrictions shall not be applied until their situation in the country is regularized or until they obtain admission to another country. The Contracting States shall grant such refugees a reasonable period of time and all necessary facilities for admission to another country,” he concludes.

Twitter users were quick to scoff at the explanation, with one posting, “I don’t understand any of his ramblings,” while another said, “These peanut ‘travellers’ are just kids attention-seeking who has never been told ‘No’.”

“They broke away but still use electricity, internet, water, roads, probably have access to healthcare, go to shops, use cash, maybe even accept Centrelink, use a card Medicare, so not really detached from anything…” said another.

“I just watched the full video. Yes, these people are cooked and they have romanticized every aspect of their “fight” and their lives. They believe they are special, that they are watched because they are special. All cults use this “exceptional” rule to gain members. So sad,” yet another added.

Meanwhile, social media videos shared by the CookerWatch group show the couple’s previous arrests and their interactions with police.

In one, the duo were arrested by police, with Mr Simpson stating that ‘you have no authority. I don’t need your permission or your approval.

In a second example, he is arrested after refusing to give his address to a policeman.

“At this point, I am not confident that I can secure your appearance in court, so we will arrest you for driving on probation,” an offer reads.

In a third clip, Mr Simpson and a group of others protest to a group of officers, with Mr Simpson repeatedly taunting them in a rude rant.

“You fucking p***y, you big p***y, coming with your capsicum spray, p***y dead,” he shouts.

“Oi big, sir, why don’t we come down here and we’ll sort this out, me and you. Take off your badge, your gun, and let’s go.

“I’m gonna punch all these motherfuckers out here… get down here, let’s fight a legal battle, y’all are fucking cowards, I’m gonna punch you one after the other. Holy shit.”