Imagine extra: how organizations are reinventing their operations and finding opportunities in the face of

Imagine more: how organizations are reinventing their operations and finding opportunities in the face of

Photo credit: Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images In a rapidly changing economy, organizations rely on cloud technologies and intelligent platforms to drive cost savings, while continuing to innovate across their businesses. To ensure the resilience and scalability of operations, leaders collaborate with their customers and partners to design new solutions for the emerging trends and challenges of today’s world. This co-innovation approach results in shared success and new opportunities, from accelerating the pace of digital transformation and reducing the cost of innovation to improving the experience of employees and clients. Microsoft has long adopted a data-driven, co-innovation approach to help organizations anticipate industry needs and lead through uncertainty. To strengthen our sector strategy and help transform the future of financial markets, we are delighted to partner with the London Stock Exchange Group to accelerate its own digital transformation and bring intuitive next-generation productivity, data, analytics and modeling solutions to its global customers. Alstom digitizes rail solutions to make mobility more sustainable, working with Microsoft to further develop cloud solutions in a highly regulated market. To prepare students for the job market and teach them how to build enterprise applications with low code, the Project Management Institute and Microsoft present the Power Platform University Hub. Lockheed Martin is working with Microsoft to power the next generation of defense technologies for the US Department of Defense, advancing AI, machine learning and simulation capabilities. As part of our ongoing commitment to democratizing AI as a technology platform, Azure OpenAI Service is now generally available and used by companies like Al Jazeera, KPMG, and Moveworks to improve end-user experiences and streamline operational efficiency. And just this morning, we announced the next phase of our partnership with OpenAI to ensure the benefits of AI are shared responsibly and widely with the world. Continuous and accelerated innovation is the only way forward. From Ideas to Action: Unleashing the Potential of Co-Innovation Based in Sweden Lynk & Co. and Microsoft are teaming up to improve the in-car experience by creating a custom app that lets users join Microsoft Teams meetings on the go. australian startup Forcite Helmets has created a smart helmet to give motorcyclists a safer and more dynamic riding experience by hosting its routing and hazard warning system on Azure and expanding internationally with support from the Microsoft for startups program. The National Bank of Australia improves employee experience with helpdesk by working closely with Microsoft engineers and architects to develop a secure chatbot with Azure Cognitive Services, saving $1.2M within 7 months of deployment. Through collaboration with Microsoft, New Mexico Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children simplifies access to services for the communities it serves with Dynamics 365 and Power BI, reaching over 30,000 people since going live. Looking for a new data strategy and data platform, Amedee builds a data mesh with Microsoft cloud architects and cloud-scale analytics experts. Working towards a shared vision to drive Africa’s growth, MTN Group develops joint commercialization plans with Microsoft to accelerate digitization, digital education, sustainability and financial inclusion. Microsoft Cloud enables organizations of all sizes to innovate for impact. The Power of Data-Driven Operations: Finding New Ways to Do More with Less baby group Already seeing significant improvements in productivity and operational efficiency with Power BI and uses Azure Synapse Analytics to easily manage large volumes of data. To deliver treatments faster, Bayer has developed an engineering and data science platform, using AI and machine learning to more effectively assess clinical trial data. Based in Hong Kong AIA Achieved over 20% cost savings by migrating to Azure and now adds AI, virtualization and other advanced features. After making efforts to streamline financial management and month-end processes, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection reduced the number of consultants needed to support its internal IT team by 50%. The University of Toronto sees its payroll running nearly twice as fast and financial month-end running about three times as fast since moving all of its SAP workloads to Azure. South Based in Africa Exxaro Resources Drive productivity gains and new efficiencies with Azure IoT, tracking everything from truck activity at field sites to driver fatigue. Pet Supply Company automates routine billing tasks, generates over $500,000 in annual savings, and frees up 50% of its billing experts’ time with the help of Azure AI. UK based Waverton Investment Management upgraded its digital infrastructure with Microsoft, already reducing its carbon footprint by 60% and planning to be entirely on Azure by the end of 2023. Arnott’s group deploys Microsoft Sustainability Manager to achieve sustainability goals ahead of schedule, improving visibility into emissions activities and ability to report progress in near real time. Organizations are realizing gains with data and AI capabilities from Microsoft. Industry Modernization: Improving Supply Chains and Customer Experience Based in Canada GoodLeaf Farms automates its farming operations and produces healthier, more abundant crops by streamlining its data with Azure and Power Platform. Company based in Belgium HB Antwerp is developing a blockchain ledger on Azure so conscious buyers can find out where their diamonds come from. American food production company Conagra Brands digitizes its supply chain on Azure, increasing operational production of goods by 30% and production capacity by 20% at one of its facilities. Based in Singapore Integrated Health Information Systems fosters stronger interactions by empowering patients and care teams through its Health Discovery Plus platform that runs securely on Azure. Global tire manufacturer Bridgestone improves customer services by centralizing demand forecasting data on its analytics platform it is also crucial for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) reporting. Youtube video Click here to load media The Future of Collaboration: Empowering Employees in Their Remote Work Experiences Organizations like the GC GROUP, American bank, Bank of Piraeus and sasuchan integrate Viva Connections with Microsoft Teams to make it easier for employees to learn and connect. Based in Brazil Globe improves collaboration and communication with Microsoft Teams and trains employees to use Power Platform tools. Nissin Foods Group embraces Microsoft 365 and Surface devices to make working from anywhere comfortable, highly secure, and easy. In Indonesia, more than 9,600 BTPN Bank employees have the ability to work productively from anywhere, including other branches, while minimizing unwanted cyber incidents. Telecommunications and digital services provider Spark Onboard new employees much faster with self-service capabilities on Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Based in Hungary Groupama Insurance simplifies communication and collaboration for its 1,500 enterprise agents with Teams Phone, achieving enterprise-level security and 70% savings on telephony. Employers make remote work safe and enjoyable with Microsoft Teams, Surface and Viva. The Industrial Metaverse: Optimizing Daily Processes with Mixed Reality Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. enhances its remote training and field monitoring assistance at power plants by integrating HoloLens 2 with Microsoft Teams. To support the continuity of critical activities, Based in Canada JD Irving, Limited connects engineers and technicians with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to immediately assess issues with sawmill machinery. Boeing is evolving the way it builds airplanes from 2D blueprints on paper to 3D work instructions and augmented reality using HoloLens 2. Toyota Motor North America uses HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Guides as a training tool for its employees, reducing defects by half during a pilot project. Energy company based in Norway Equine adopts the industrial metaverse to design offshore wind farms and simulate their efficiency before implementing them in the physical world. BMW China Training Academy delivers futuristic in-store experiences and makes it easier and faster for sales associates to learn new car features. Industry leaders create immersive experiences with metaverse technologies. As our current environment evolves, leaders will continue to find ways to maximize the value of their digital investments to stay ahead of competitors and keep pace with industry expectations by seeking a comprehensive cloud partner and trusted to meet their unique business needs. Empowered by Microsoft Cloud, organizations leverage data and AI capabilities to accelerate the pace of innovation and operate more efficiently to achieve their goals. We are incredibly proud to continue on this path of co-innovation to serve our customers, large and small, as they advance business, societal and sustainability outcomes around the world. 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