If there is less land in Goa, we will build a pond in the forest – Viswajit Rane TOU

If there is less land in Goa, we will build a pond in the forest – Viswajit Rane

If there is less land in Goa, we will build a pond in the forest – Viswajit Rane

People always talk about Sea Sand and Sun, but since I have taken charge of the Ministry of Forests, they have been putting extra emphasis on developing forest eco-tourism. I think our focus should be from the middle to the forest and we are working in this direction, so that a different kind of environment can be created in the state. This will change the mindset of the people towards Goa that they come here just for fun.

We have made a plan and sent it to the Central Government. We are confident that we will succeed in creating a new environment in Goa. We are working towards saving forests and growing new forests so that the density of forests does not decrease.

State Forest Minister Viswajit Rane said that Goa has Mahadev Wildlife Sanctuary and 57 percent forest area. 20 percent is protected area. In addition, we have set aside additional area for forest conservation. We are constantly consulting experts in this direction. A committee of experts has also been formed for this. I think the forest area of ​​Goa has not decreased. The forest area in Goa is the same as before. It also includes private forest area. So I think the balance is right.

Asked how the central government has planned to build 75 ponds in every district in the 75th year of independence, he said that the Ministry of Rural Development is the nodal agency for this. The Forest Department is a partner in this scheme. It will co-operate with the Ministry of Rural Development for whatever the Forest Department can do to implement this scheme. Goa has less cultivable land, so the pressure on land is high. Goa is a small state and people do not like to cultivate here. We bring everything from outside. I have a town planning department and we have also issued a notification regarding that. Our Prime Minister wants the Forest Department and the Rural Development Department to work together for the conservation of water and we will also build ponds in the forests.


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