‘If I lose the staff, I can’t be right here’ – Guardiola warns City can’t dwell on past glories

‘If I lose the team, I can’t be here’ – Guardiola warns City can’t dwell on past glories

Guardiola didn’t throw a punch with his verdict on the Premier League champions’ first half in a 4-2 Premier League win over Tottenham on Thursday (January 19).

The City manager said his players lacked “passion, fire and the desire to win from minute one” after they were booed when Spurs entered the break with a two-goal lead at the Etihad Stadium.

They were converted in the second half, blasting Antonio Conte’s side to five points behind leaders Arsenal – who are one game less.

City could close the gap to two points by beating Wolves on Sunday before the Gunners battle against Manchester United.

Guardiola reiterated that City must have the appetite for the fight and achieve the consistently high standards that have seen them achieve so much success, although he can understand why they might lack hunger.

“I won four LaLigas in a row when I was a player, fifth
I was no longer the same, in sixth grade I was no longer the same. I wasn’t hungry enough. Madrid beat me; fifth and sixth,” he told reporters.

“I understand them
players], but I’m here to do it. The president knows it, I want to be here, otherwise I wouldn’t stay. But if I lose the team or if I lose something, I can’t be here.

“When I retire or when I decide time is up at Man City or when I die and people say ‘oh how good Pep was’, it’s not about that. But we’re We’re still there, we’re second in the table, we’re not 25 points behind Arsenal, we’re still there.

“There are 57 points left to play. What I say is this way
Spurs], no chance. We
have the FA Cup, the Champions League and next season.”

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss has urged his players to focus on the present and the future rather than what they have already achieved.

“I feel sorry for our haters, we will be in Premier League history, what the team did,” he added.

“How well we did, the records, a lot of things and the consistency of playing at a good level.

“But that’s the past, now it’s here and our fans want the second half more often. That’s what we have to find.”

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