I will accept screaming because of the gunshots. Keep sandhill cranes off the kill list.

In early February, my wife and I were driving down Interstate 80. We left the motel in central Nebraska before sunrise. Within minutes of our drive east, I began seeing waves of Sandhill Cranes returning to their spring stopover along Nebraska’s Platte River. I was in awe of that prehistoric birds in flight and, frankly, I was driving distracted. I have never seen so many birds fighting or on the ground or in the trees.

Paul Smith’s article in the March 13 newspaper about a possible crane hunt in Wisconsin stunned me (“Sandhill crane season sees little support“).

How can we consider hunting these majestic creatures that we just helped save them after almost killing them?

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Every year, my wife and I are delighted to see “our pair” of cranes waltzing through our yard with their foals. Although their screams can be a little annoying, I prefer them to the sound of gunfire as they begin to be “harvested”.

Keep our cranes off the kill lists. Please be satisfied with be allowed to kill mourning doves, deer and wolves, among other creatures.

Howard Caplan, Mequon

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