I swear I will not let the country bow to this soil. TOU

I swear I will not let the country bow to this soil.

I swear I will not let the country bow to this soil.

I swear to this soil,
I will not let the country disappear,
I will not let the country disappear,
I will not let the country bow down.

These are the lines that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said during a public meeting in Rajasthan. The year was 2019 and the place was Churu of Rajasthan. There was a terrorist attack on 14 February 2019 in Pulwama. Many heroes of India were sacrificed. After this, India had carried out Balakot air strike. The Prime Minister was addressing a public meeting in Churu after the Balakot air strike. In almost these three years, India’s trumpet sounded all over the world. The tricolor waved proudly. Whether it has been foreign policy or service to humanity. India was echoing everywhere. The Modi government is being talked about today because this government has completed eight years today. In these eight years, the government has taken many big decisions, the positive results of which are coming.

His due rights reached the Sikh community
Sikh leader Jaspreet Singh Mata says that Sikhs have not written history, they have made history. Guru Nanak Dev, seeing Babur’s atrocities, had called him Jaber. From Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Pancham Padshah Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, Baba Baghel Singh, Bhagat Singh, 75, 65 and the battle of Kargil. In every age, Sikhs fought wars to protect the country and religion. The rights of the Sikhs in the previous governments were not being met. After the coming of Modi government, the Sikh community got their due. The Modi government was the first to open the Kartarpur Sahib corridor. The Modi government did the work of punishing the culprits in the massacre of 1984. Guru Nanak Dev Ji organized 500 years, Guru Teg Bahadur 400 years, Guru Gobind Singh 300 years. The Modi government brought the Sikhs into the mainstream. Sikhs do not have vote power, Sikhs do exist. It has grown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the intellectuals of the Sikh community at his house several times and talked to them. Bangla Sahib fulfilled the demand of FCRA for Delhi Gurdwara Committee and Shri Harmandir Sahib.

The world was in complete darkness, India came forward with torch

When the Corona epidemic was at its peak. The whole world was at a standstill. In this pitch darkness, India stood with a torch. The corona epidemic was not only controlled in India, but also spread the corona vaccine worldwide. The whole country also knows how the corona vaccine was propagated in India. On this front also the government fought and won.

Vande Mataram resounds in the valley
The Modi government will not compromise on national security, the biggest example of which is the Balakot air strike and the withdrawal of Article 370 from Kashmir. Today the situation in the valley is different. The tricolor waves on the red square. Vande Mataram is sung. The separatists are in jail. Incidents of stoning are no longer heard in Kashmir. The atmosphere of fear that was created in the country regarding the valley, that fear is ending. This is confirmed by the fact that a record number of tourists have arrived in Kashmir in the last few months.

Operation Ganga
India’s foreign policy was very important in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. India not only spoke to Russian President Putin on the issue but also delivered relief supplies to Ukraine. Indians stranded in Ukraine were airlifted through Operation Ganga.

Strong will
He sidestepped the politics of vote and gave justice to Muslim women. Made laws on three consecutive divorces. This reduced the atrocities against women. The fundamentalists strongly opposed it. The strong will of the government was seen and the law was passed ignoring the protests.

Echo of India in the world
Whenever Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi goes on a foreign trip, the impression of India is seen there. Whether it is the Howdy Modi program in America or his recent visit to Denmark, India’s echo is heard from the global stage.


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