Hudson applies for federal grant to help build bridge and remove railroad crossing on Hines Hill Road

Motorists could get relief from traffic jams on Hines Hill Road if federal funds were provided to reconfigure a crossing there.

Last month, the Ohio Rail Development Commission approved funding from the Ohio Rail Crossing Elimination Program for the city’s project to build an overpass over the tracks. With money provided in the latest state budget for crossing elimination, the Rail Commission will provide 20 percent funding, or nearly $2.9 million, to match the funding commitment additional 20% of the city. The next step is to submit the project’s application to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Grade Crossing Elimination Program. The grant program is competitive, with applications expected in March. Norfolk Southern, which owns the railroad tracks, has agreed to commit financing to the project.

If the federal application is successful, the $14 million project will construct a grade separation in the form of a bridge for traffic on Hines Hill Road.

“This level jump will not only address frequent interruptions for residents and school buses, but, more importantly, a decades-long burden on emergency services, requiring multiple dispatches for any call in northwest Texas. Hudson,” said Council President Chris Foster. “The added bonus will be our ability to connect the northwest corner of the community to downtown via multi-use trails, which has been out of the question for 35 years.

Mayor Jeffrey Anzevino said the project, if it goes ahead, will benefit not only Hudson but also neighboring communities.

“Uninterrupted vehicle access in this corridor for residents, school buses and especially emergency services is paramount to the safety and well-being of all,” Anzevino said.

Thom Sheridan, Hudson City Manager, agreed the project would help with safety.

“I have rarely encountered a proposal with such clear and multifaceted benefits as the Hines Hill Highway Bridge, and I fully support this project for Hudson,” Sheridan said. “This…

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