How to Make $500 a Month on Eli Lilly Stock Before the Fourth Quarter Earnings Report

Eli Lilly and company (NYSE: LLY) is expected to report fourth-quarter earnings results before the opening bell on February 6, 2024.

Analysts expect the Indianapolis-based company to report quarterly profit of $2.19 per share, up from $2.09 per share a year ago. Eli Lilly is expected to post $8.93 billion in revenue, up from $7.3 billion in the year-ago quarter, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

The company is reportedly in talks with the German government to lift the healthcare ban weight loss treatments.

With the recent rumors surrounding Eli Lilly, some investors may also be looking at potential gains from the company’s dividends. As of now, Eli Lilly offers an annual dividend yield of 0.78%, which is a quarterly dividend amount of $1.30 per share ($5.20 per year).

So how can investors leverage the dividend yield to put $500 in their pocket every month?

To earn $500 per month or $6,000 per year from dividends alone, you’ll need an investment of about $770,468 or about 1,154 shares. For a more modest amount of $100 per month or $1,200 per year, you’ll need $154,227 or about 231 shares.

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Calculate: Divide the desired annual income ($6,000 or $1,200) by the dividend ($0.20 in this case). So $6,000 / $5.20 = 1,154 ($500 per month) and $1,200 / $5.20 = 231 shares ($100 per month).

Keep in mind that the dividend yield can be constantly changing because the dividend payout and the stock price both fluctuate over time.

How that works: The dividend yield is calculated by dividing the annual dividend payment by the current…

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