How elite selection rules determine the future of civilization, or the current elite selection in the Geopolitics News

How elite selection rules determine the future of civilization, or the current elite selection in the

Why does American power in all its manifestations revolve around Zion? Is this the inevitable consequence of the dynamics of elite selection over the past decades? The masses do the work and pay their taxes, but only a small group of elites make all the decisions. Second, the means by which elites are chosen are crucial to the orientation of a civilization. But, there is hardly any discussion of the elite selection process in the current order.
Certainly, the Jewish supremacist elites who really rule the United States (and the West) use DEI (diversity-equity-inclusion) red herrings to deceive the public, especially the “socially conscious” types, that the process is attached to “social justice” when in truth, DEI is a means of scapegoating “white privilege” and “white supremacy” (or “systemic racism”) to ward off the wrath of non-whites ( especially blacks) of the Jews who thus maintain an alliance with the “people of color”.

DEI is a disaster for two reasons. For all his rhetoric about “justice,” he favors less (or, worse, barely) qualified blacks for the jobs, which is hardly fair. By favoring identity to the detriment of expertise, professions and services deteriorate. But, even when the qualified are chosen, certain identities can serve as shields for corruption or laxity at work, for example a well-qualified homosexual can neglect his duties for whatever reason and rely on his “protected” identity. or “celebrated” as a crutch against facing the consequences. So even when DEI acts in accordance with its stated goals, the results are terrible.

But, things are much worse because the DEI shields Jewish power, which is grossly disproportionate to “equity” goals, from scrutiny by effectively bribing black people and gay people to complain only about “white privilege.” “, “hetero-normativism” or Republicans. . As Globo-Homo and BLM have been amply rewarded by Jews whose power and privileges are totally at odds with “equal” or proportional representation, gays and blacks use their “moral” (or “spiritual”) leverage to bless and flatter Jewish power. Everything is perversely circular. Jews control the gods and have made gays and blacks sacred and precious, and in turn, gays and blacks either praise Jews to the highest heavens or stifle their criticism on topics such as Zionist oppression of Palestinians .

In the past, the US government and elite institutions were open to both pro-white whites and anti-white whites. Thus, whites at the elite level were represented by both proud (as well as arrogant) and self-critical (as well as self-hating) whites. Moreover, under Anglo-American rule, the American government and elite institutions were open to pro-Jews and anti-Jews. Thus, Jews at elite levels were represented by both proud Jews and self-critical Jews. Jews who criticized Zionism could enter government or gain office. Jews who rejected Judaism as outmoded and chose assimilation to Anglo-Americanism were also welcome. Jews who embraced universalism rather than tribalism could. And most Christians did not believe that their number one priority was to avoid offending Jews in any way.

At the time, America’s elite estates had both proud whites and self-doubting whites, both proud Jews and self-critical Jews. True, the Jewish community was less divided than the white population (for reasons of culture, history and circumstances), but one did not have to be a mean ultra-Zionist or a vicious hyper-proud Jew to get there. high.

But over the years, as certain types of Jews gained the most power (and certain Chutzpahist traits fully emerged with the pride/arrogance of success), Jewish power rigged the rules of elite selection. Increasingly, proud whites were banned and only sappy or rogue whites were approved for elite promotion. Moreover, self-critical Jews were increasingly shunned in favor of brash, aggressive, tribal, and supremacist Jews (ironically compounded by the GOP’s leniency towards neocon villains who also came to influence liberal Jews, i.e. i.e. by welcoming nasty neocons into the GOP, American conservatives hoped to use “our Jews” against so-called liberal Jews, but the neocons only undermined goy conservatism and emboldened liberal Zionists to assert themselves as well in their tribalism).

So what happened after decades of choosing white elites for their wimps and cuckiness while choosing Jews for their supremacy and wickedness? We have a scenario where brown-nosed white elites abandon white identity and interests in the service of Jewish supremacist identity and interests.

How different things might have been had whites and Jews with different perspectives and attitudes been allowed to rise to the top. There would have been a more balanced set of agendas and interests. But, especially from the 1960s, whites with elite outlook had to give up white identity and interests, while Jews with elite ambitions had to increase Jewish identity and interests uber alles .

The rules of elite selections go a long way in determining the future of any culture or country. One of the key questions for why a civilization has fallen behind or split off can be derived from its elite selection dynamics. Consider the Ottoman Turks and traditional Confucian China. The elites of the Ottoman Empire were not chosen on merit, as in the Byzantine Empire, and that meant a slow and sure death. The Chinese had a meritocratic system, but it ultimately proved to be a waste of intelligence due to its emphasis on pointless “eight-legged trials”, rote memory, and status vanity. And, Communism was a bad economic system to begin with, but things got worse in the Soviet Union with its elite selection policies that rewarded reliable minions.

Despite the mind-numbing effects of affirmative action and black-leaning political correctness, it’s been said that elite selection has become more meritocratic than ever in the West (particularly because many Jews beat the legacy WASPS ), but even if that’s true, ability alone doesn’t make a civilization. Many Jews are intelligent and capable but pathological, contemptuous and hypocritical, qualities that degrade the elite world. (If high intelligence alone was the best guarantor of good government, Hannibal Lecter should be president.) And while many bright white people make it to the top, what good is their intelligence if they don’t have the courage/the character of telling the truth against the obvious corruption of Jews, vain fantasies of homos and pathological lies of blacks?

The United States was lucky for a long time because it had a cast of characters (the Founding Fathers) as the original elites, and despite corruption and compromise, the first foundation served the America. But, as the wickedest of the Jews grew in importance and took power, the only qualities tolerated among the whites became cowardice and obedience while the “qualities” of venality and wickedness became obligatory for the whites. Jews. In other words, “No dogs and decent Jews allowed”. The evil Jews have truly remade America. “Refoundation” went much further than Reconstruction in the South. From founding fathers to reprobate refounders.

Under the current rules of elite selection, someone like Glenn Greenwald won’t be hired by The New York Times or The Washington Post. Someone like Norman Finkelstein will never work at an Ivy League university. Conscience is no less a disqualifier for Jews in elite circles than for Germans in Heinrich Himmler’s SS. Under current selection rules, figures like Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken control foreign policy. Even the controversial Henry Kissinger comes across as sane and level-headed compared to the Jews who run world affairs today.

And proud (relatively speaking) white men like Pat Buchanan were purged from the GOP or “conservative establishment.” Heritage Foundation dropped Jason Richwine like a hot potato and National Review severed ties with John Derbyshire. Some might praise such shifts in attitudes of white elites, even among conservatives, as conscientious and sensitive, but the cult of “white guilt” should not be confused with true consciousness arising from within. So-called “white guilt” is the product of outside pressure, especially from Jews (who control blacks and gays), on whites who have lost the will and power to think for themselves in their choice. of values, stories and icons. . It’s similar to “dog guilt,” which is driven almost entirely by fear of the owner’s disapproval. The owner can irritate the dog so that he attacks a rabbit but also make him regret having killed the rabbit. Thus, “dog guilt” has no agent (because it is always at the mercy of the Master’s whims), and the same goes for “white guilt” which always looks over its shoulder at the Master. Jewish.

So “white guilt” is terribly sorry for what happened to Emmett Till long ago, but feels nothing for aiding and abetting the destruction of countless Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East. The difference is that the Jewish Master orders the white dog to crawl onto Emmett’s altar, while urging him to bark ever louder for more wars for Israel. After all, if white consciousness were real and if white people truly condemned all forms of “racism”, they would condemn not only the few remaining vestiges of neo-Nazism, but also the Zionists who continue to occupy Palestinian lands, carry out wars for Israel and encouraging terrorism in Syria. Given its weak-willed nature, White Conscience currently supports the alliance of Jewish supremacism with sub-Nazi stragglers in Ukraine against Russia. Whether it’s Samantha Powers on the ‘left’ or Lindsey Graham on the ‘right’, white people dare not take any position or make any statement, however grandiloquent or impassioned, without weighing the favor of their Jewish masters. Just as children in school plays crave praise from teachers and parents, elite goyim are like children to Jews.

Want to join the elite? If you are white, you must be an obsequious dog. If you’re Jewish, you must be a mean weasel. So no wonder it’s JEWS AND ISRAEL all the time everywhere you go in the West. The Jews are the super-elite, the whites are the sub-elite.

How elite selection rules determine the future of civilization, or the current elite selection in the

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