How can Pakistan’s revolt against its own army affect India? TOU

How can Pakistan’s revolt against its own army affect India?


How can Pakistan’s revolt against its own army affect India?

Pakistan has finally changed. Change has come not in terms of public welfare, human index and nation upliftment, but in terms of change of power. The Imran government failed to prove a majority in the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition in the National Assembly. Pakistan has 342 seats in the National Assembly. 172 seats are needed to form a government. The opposition somehow managed to reach the majority through manipulation and twist. This opportunistic government, formed with a minimum majority and the largest coalition, is perfectly suited for the Pakistan Army. Although the ‘parrot’ of the army becomes the ruler in Pakistan, but this time he has got a slave in the form of Shahbaz Sharif, if this slave does anything wrong he will lose his power.

So the army does not expect any problem from the ruling party, but what about the opposition? Imran Khan has been ousted. The effect of their anger can be seen in the mass movement against the Pakistan Army. After the expulsion, Imran’s party held a rally in Rawalpindi led by former Home Minister Sheikh Rashid. The main topic of discussion at the rally was slogans against the Pakistan Army. People were shouting – “The watchman is a thief.” The watchman here is the Pak Army. Hearing this slogan, Rashid got scared but what about the people? Tired of rebellion, degradation of morality, change of power.

So the public pressure on the army will definitely increase in the coming time because the real government in Pakistan is the army. What will be the action of the army after the direct challenge of the people? If there was a leader or a minister, he would have revolted, but how did he overthrow the people? So the Pak army will mislead the people to meet them and they will have two weapons. First, religion and second, nationalism.

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Attacks on Hindus will increase, if viewed from a religious point of view, the Pak army will encourage attacks on Hindus to evoke the sentiments of the people. Day and Islam are in danger, which will increase unity among the people and support the Pak army. Along with this, cruel and brutal action will be taken against freedom fighters like Baloch who are trapped in the unethical domination of Pakistan.

Confrontation with India for the emergence of nationalism

By the way, Pakistan does not know the meaning of nationalism because it is established in the name of religion. They have no common culture, history or heritage that they can be proud of. His entire nationalism has been the subject of anti-India remarks. Therefore, Pakistan will definitely carry out anti-India activities. As far as anti-India activities are concerned, it does not have the right to confront India directly, that is why it will resort to two things. The first terrorist and the second China or both together. Terrorists are not such a big problem as the Indian Army is used to sending them to Huron. This problem will continue, given the current situation, the Indian Army will intensify it. There may be a problem with the availability of Huron, but it is up to the Master of Heaven to solve it.

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Ladakh will become a battlefield

Now let’s talk about China, Pakistan is a matter of difficulty if anyone insults China or with its help. It is likely that the location of this problem will be Ladakh. The Ladakh region lies between the Karakoram range in the north and the Zanskar range in the south. Pakistan is on its western border and China on its east. Despite being an arid and rough region, it has been part of the Silk Route for centuries and has at times become a battleground for occupation by Persians, Tibetans and Russians. All of this is important for entry and trade to control the mountain.

India, China and Pakistan have economic and strategic interests in this important area. Ladakh is also on the border of Indian-administered Kashmir. Both Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have become formal parts of India in 2019, allowing the Pakistani military to carry out any military activity in these areas because of the unethical interests of both Pakistan and China in the region. Pak-China’s ambitious CPEC project is also passing through the area. Therefore, India should remain vigilant in this area and intensify both its preparations and deployment.

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