Hiker gets stuck 9,800 feet up dangerous mountain in California, deputies say

A hiker was rescued after becoming stranded on a snowy California peak, according to the sheriff’s department.

THE The man from the northern hills46, left the trail and went “straight to the top of Mount Baldy” on Sunday, Feb. 11, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a Feb. 12 news release.

The mountain, the highest peak in San Gabriel Mountainsabout 45 miles northeast of Los Angeles, was covered in “layers of compacted snow, loose snow and ice,” deputies said.

As the man walked away from his equipment, officers said he found himself in an area where he did not feel safe “going up or down the side of the mountain.”

After a rescue helicopter spotted the man near the summit at about 9,800 feet above sea level, deputies said they sent a rescuer up to him.

The rescuer placed him in a harness and he was hoisted out of the area, officials said.

The department urged hikers to stay on the trail and inform others of their hiking plans, adding that hikers should check the forecast beforehand.

“Conditions in the mountains can be dangerous and change dramatically within minutes,” deputies said.

A little over a week before the man’s rescue, MPs also warned dangerous conditions in the mountains caused by recent storms.

“The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department strongly urges everyone to stay away and refrain from all mountain activities during this severe weather,” deputies said in a Feb. 4 news release. “The weather has effectively buried the mountain in snow and it is very likely that hikers will be in trouble.”

A missing person a hiker was found dead on the same mountain on February 10, a day before the man’s rescue, while three hikers were also recently saved from the mountainreported McClatchy News.

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