Here’s a look at just how big Nvidia’s record-breaking Thursday was

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There are many ways to describe Nvidia’s Very Good Week.

The earnings report and fourth-quarter forecast helped lift the S&P 500 to a record high.

Other AI Stocks.

And the company now expects its current quarterly revenue from everything it brought in in 2023.

But as our Chart of the Week shows, one of the most impressive (dazzling, flashy, you choose the adjective) ways to describe how great a week Nvidia had is the extent to which its market value rose.

If there is a hall of fame for creating shareholder value, Nvidia’s one-day $277 billion creation ranks at the top. This is Genesis level creation.

This amount, if spun off as one company, would currently be the 37th largest in the S&P 500, ahead of Bank of America and Coca-Cola. If it were to be split off two companies would both be in the top 100, barely smaller than American Express, Siemens and S&P Global.

If you bought all 41 (a total of $256 billion), you would be left with enough to also buy Warner Bros. Discovery with the leftover gains from Nvidia’s rally on Thursday. You get the idea.

One question naturally follows all of this: after taking , what will Nvidia do next?

As the third-largest company on the market, behind only Microsoft and Apple, the answer may not be difficult to figure out.

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