Heat wave? Parts of Dallas-Fort could see 90 degrees this week. Here’s when

Western borders of North Texas may see temperatures in the 90s Wednesday afternoon, 30 degrees above the February average high, according to the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth.

It’s a wild swing of the fharsh temperatures we felt this weekend as a cold front moved into the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The last time the Metroplex had to worry about freezing was back in January.

“It’s especially well above normal for this time of year,” Fort Worth meteorologist Monique Sellers told the Star-Telegram over the weekend. “A bigger departure than we would like to see.”

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Most of the Metroplex will see temperatures around 80 degrees with temperatures getting colder as you head east, according to the NWS forecast.

A high pressure peak responsible for the warm days we’ve had this week will weaken by Thursday and another cold front will arrive to calm things down before the weekend.

Rain is not expected in North Texas, according to the NWS report, until “around the middle of next week, followed by cooler, drier weather late next week to close out February and begin the month Of March”.

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