Healthcare or housing? More and more states are using Medicaid funds to help the homeless

In some states, the line between housing and Healthcare becomes more and more blurry.

The Medicaid program is intended to provide government assistance with medical costs for low-income people. But in at least 20 states, some of those funds are allocated to social services — including housing assistance for the homeless.

While some are touting the move as a way to alleviate the problem Health conditions which may result from poor living conditions, others say that funding will not solve the underlying problems.

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The federal government oversees the Medicaid program, but each state can set its own benefits and eligibility requirements.

“States have great flexibility in their Medicaid programs to create a unique program,” said Dr. Marc Samuels, founder and CEO of ADVI Health, a healthcare and life sciences consulting and advisory services firm headquartered in Washington, DC

In some states, Medicaid funds are used to house the homeless. (iStock)

“In general, states attempt to provide housing assistance on a temporary basis to focus on the social determinants of health/population issues associated with serious mental illness Substance abuse disordersand people with disabilities, people in long-term care, high-risk pregnancies or people with a history of chronic homelessness,” he told Fox News Digital.

Which states offer Medicaid-funded housing?

According to the National Academy of State Health Policy (NASHP), at least 20 states now cover housing support services through their Medicaid programs.

“There are five states – Arizona, California, New York, Oregon and Washington – that have received approval from the federal government to cover short-term housing assistance through their Medicaid program using a specific type of federal waiver (Section 1115) . NASHP said in a statement to Fox News…

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