Hamilton students to write to state lawmakers about possible Amtrak shutdowns

Feb. 2 — It won’t be known for a year to 18 months whether Hamilton will benefit from an Amtrak stop or two, but a few hundred high school students will have their say on the matter.

The American government class in Hamilton High School’s social studies department will write letters about whether Hamilton could get a stop on the 3C+D Amtrak line and one on the Cardinal line. This is similar to a project students did two years ago, when the conversation about an Amtrack stop began.

“At the end of the day, at the end of the day, the people and the citizens of Hamilton benefit from this, but having children who will benefit from this in the years to come to be able to speak out and be able to express whether they agree or disagree disagreement with Amtrak., they have that platform to at least talk about it,” said Jon Szary, principal of Hamilton High School.

The project won’t begin for another week or so, but it will be completed by the end of February. About 500 students will write letters.

Late last year, it was announced that of the four potential Amtrak routes Ohio could land on, two of them could include a stop in Hamilton. The 3C+D would connect Cincinnati to Cleveland, via Dayton and Columbus. A potential site for the north-south stop would be along Maple Avenue. The Cardinal route would open the Midwest to Hamilton passengers with trains to and from Indianapolis and Chicago. The potential site for the east-west stop would be on Sycamore Street.

Amtrak, the state of Ohio and other planning agencies will begin work on developing the corridor, but the first step is a feasibility plan. The FRA agreed to pay $500,000 for planning for each of Ohio’s four routes, and each route is expected to receive priority in future funding competitions.

Hamilton City Councilman Michael Ryan, who serves as the city’s liaison to the Amtrak project, said Ohio lawmakers including Gov. Mike DeWine, House Speaker Jason Stephens and Senate President Matt Huffman, will receive…

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