Haley Trolls Trump, Addresses Civil War in Surprise Appearance on ‘SNL’

Nikki Haley went on “Saturday Night Live” to troll Donald Trump. She ended up being confronted – again – for not initially identifying slavery as a cause of the Civil War.

The Republican presidential candidate made an appearance during the sketch comedy show’s cold open as a “concerned South Carolina voter” who wanted to ask Trump (played by James Austin Johnson) a question during a CNN parody town hall.

She mocked Trump’s mental competence, mocking his tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and asking why he wouldn’t debate her.

But at the end of the skit, the episode’s host, actress Ayo Edebiri, appeared to ask Haley a question.

“I was just curious: What do you think was the main cause of the Civil War? And do you think it starts with an “S” and ends with a “lavery”? » asked Edebiri.

“Yeah, I probably should have said that the first time,” Haley replied, before closing with the traditional “and live from New York, it’s Saturday night.”

Haley has spent weeks cleaning up the campaign gaffe that dates back to a late December town hall in northern New Hampshire in which former South Carolina governor did not identify slavery as a cause of the Civil War. She apologized several times for this omission, saying “of course the Civil War was about slavery.”

But Haley and her campaign didn’t shy away from controversy Saturday. The former UN ambassador accepted this joke without hesitation, smiling in her response. Subsequently, his campaign posted the full seven-minute clip online — who also mocked Trump supporter and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott — on his YouTube channel and released it in an email to reporters titled “Live from New York…It’s Nikki Haley vs. Donald Trump.”

Haley’s portion of the skit began with asking the fake Trump why he wouldn’t debate with her. Johnson responded by calling Haley Nancy Pelosi — a nod to the rally at which Trump seemed confused…

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