Gulf Update Women Can: How Tamkeen supports Bahraini women – Gulf Insider TOU

Gulf Update Women Can: How Tamkeen supports Bahraini women – Gulf Insider

The amount of female empowerment we are witnessing today is a testament to the progress we have made through time. Today, women have evermore educational, social, economic and political opportunities compared to generations ago. There is a growing effort to enable women to reach their full potential and contribute their skills to society through various initiatives.

Entrepreneurs, both male and female, play a vital role in fueling Bahrain’s economic growth. Tamkeen has always been a supporter of Bahraini women, and as part of its ongoing initiatives, it partnered with the Supreme Council for Women to provide entrepreneurial and employment programs for Bahraini women. They are being encouraged to follow their passion and are supported with the necessary tools that will enable them to thrive and grow. The Riyadat program supports Bahraini female founders grow their business and expand beyond Bahrain’s borders by providing the financing they need to push their businesses forward.

To date, Tamkeen has supported 15,466 women-led enterprises and 18,747 jobs for women, provided training to 53,882 women, and supported 7,099 women entrepreneurs to launch their startups.

Here are some of the many successful female entrepreneurs that benefitted from Tamkeen’s programs:

Marwa Al Jaber

CEO and Founder of Mad Cosmetics

Mad Cosmetics is a Bahraini founded cosmetics and skincare company, offering products that are time-saving and simple yet fresh, youthful, and “MAD”. They develop a range of products that cater to the evolving trends in cosmetics and skincare through continuous research and evaluating market niches.

Mad Cosmetics ships worldwide and has branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai.


Khadija Al-Sayed

CEO of Sulwan Psychiatric Hospital


What started with a team of just one consultant and one psychologist, Sulwan Psychiatric Hospital today has grown to become a fully-fledged specialized psychiatric hospital, offering advanced mental health care.

They are currently working on their ECT Room, which provides rapid and significant improvement in a lot of chronic mental diseases cases such as chronic depression.

Sulwan Psychiatric Hospital aims to actively participate in improving the psychiatric services standard in Bahrain.


Luluwa Al Mannai

Founder & Designer of LAM


LAM is a Bahraini Fashion brand directed towards the luxury segment. The brand is specialized in high-quality handmade bags from vegetable-tanned leather.

LAM aims to be a leader leather manufacturing sector in Bahrain that competes on a local and global level. They also seek to make their mark as an innovative and creative brand. LAM also ships worldwide.


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