Gulf Update Ukraine: Concerns over Russia being taken from war-torn areas to ‘adoption orphans’ TOU

Gulf Update Ukraine: Concerns over Russia being taken from war-torn areas to ‘adoption orphans’

Gulf Update Ukraine: Concerns over Russia being taken from war-torn areas to ‘adoption orphans’

The UN agency chief told the Human Rights Council on Wednesday that his office ,OHCHR,is investigating allegations of forcible transportation of children from orphanages in Ukraine’s Donbass region.

Fierce fighting continues in the Donbass, and according to news media, Russian military forces have strengthened their ground positions there in recent days.

Michelle Bachelet he said, “OHCHR Can’t at this time confirm these allegations or the number of children who are in these conditions,

,We are concerned about alleged plans by Russian administrative agencies to allow children from Ukraine to be taken to families in the Russian Federation.,

He said that the process does not seem to have taken care of reuniting the separated families or respecting the best interests of the children.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) According to reports, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the country had more than 91 thousand children in orphanages, residential schools and other institutions.

In a statement, the UN Child Welfare Agency has taken cognizance of reports that, according to which Russia, with the intention of expediting the process of adoption of orphan children in the Donbas region, the existing law may also be amended.

,UNICEF believes that anytime during or immediately after an emergency [बच्चों को] Should not be adopted.,

,During a humanitarian emergency, children separated from their parents cannot be considered orphans. They should be given every opportunity to meet their families.,

to Ukraine commission of inquiry

The Commission of Inquiry set up for Ukraine told during a press conference on Wednesday in the capital Kief that Testimonies recorded so far have indicated that a large number of children, especially those living in institutions, have gone missing from the temporarily occupied areas.

The United Nations Human Rights Council constituted this commission in March at the request of the member countries.

The commission’s investigator Jasminka Dzumhur said that no clear facts have been found regarding missing children from government-run centers, and that reports of children being taken to Russia and granted citizenship there are difficult to confirm.

According to Eric Mosse, chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, who is visiting Ukraine for the first time, the panel has examined Bucha, Irpin, Kharkiyef and Sumi, where war crimes are suspected.

Commission chief Moses said, ,In Bucha and Irpin, the commission has received reports of arbitrary killings of civilians, destruction and looting of property, and attacks on infrastructure, including schools.,

,In Kharkief and the Sumy region, the commission has observed devastation in large urban centres, reportedly as a result of aerial bombardment, shelling and missile attacks on civilian installations.,

‘Painful’ experience

The Commission of Inquiry has issued its mandate (mandate) According to, Hear also the experiences of internally displaced people in the country including the eastern region, which will be further investigated.

The displaced shared information on their ruined properties, looting, sieges, abuse, disappearances, and allegations of rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

The head of the commission has described the work of his team as fruitful. He said that if these painful experiences are confirmed, then they will be cases of violation of international human welfare law and international human rights law.

probably, Some of these cases can also be classified as cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This investigative team will visit other parts of Ukraine in the coming weeks and months and then in September the Human Rights Council will be apprised of the situation.

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