Gulf Update Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq orders a cabinet reshuffle TOU

Gulf Update Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq orders a cabinet reshuffle

Gulf Update Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq orders a cabinet reshuffle

SAITAMA: Saitama Prefecture Governor Ono Motohiro said he was keen to encourage e-commerce with Oman and other countries.

During a courtesy call by Oman Ambassador to Japan Dr. Mohamed Al-Busaidi, Governor Ono, a well-known Arabist in Japan said: “Many people from the Gulf countries have come to Saitama Prefecture to study Japanese. It is important for companies in Saitama Prefecture to know about Oman. The prefectural government’s Industrial Promotion Public Corporation is conducting e-commerce and matching services between foreign companies, so connecting online first would be good.”

Ono said he looked forward to cooperating on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. “The great thing about Oman is that it has both old traditions and new possibilities. Japan also regards having both as a virtue.”

In reply, Ambassador Al-Busaidi said: “This year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Oman and Japan, and on this special occasion, we hope to expand relations between Saitama Prefecture and the Sultanate of Oman. This year, four scholarships to study Arabic language were awarded to Japanese students in a foreign language course at Sultan Qaboos College for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

“Omanis are very interested in Japanese language and culture, and thus we are trying to give opportunities for them to learn about Japan in Oman. We want to increase the number of Omani students studying in Japan and also accept students from Japan to Oman. Oman also plans to attract foreign investors.”

Ambassador Al-Busaidi and Governor Ono exchanged souvenirs to mark the occasion, Frankincense from Oman where the highest grade in the world is grown, and Sayama green tea which is a specialty of the Saitama region.

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