Gulf Update King of Jordan arrives in Abu Dhabi TOU

Gulf Update King of Jordan arrives in Abu Dhabi

Gulf Update King of Jordan arrives in Abu Dhabi

AMMAN: A female student was shot inside a university in Amman, Jordan on Thursday, according to a statement issued by the Public Security Directorate.

“A man fired several shots at a woman inside a university north of the capital” before fleeing, according to the Directorate.

The student was hastened to hospital and was in critical condition when she arrived, but the Directorate confirmed later that the student passed away.

Investigations have been launched in order to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

The victim’s brother told Roya News that the perpetrator in Amman is related to the family.

Applied Science Private University issued a statement in which they expressed their condolences to the student’s family and mourned his death.

The university promised to “prosecute everyone who caused this painful incident until they receive just retribution for their heinous crime.”

On Twitter, a hashtag went viral demanding that the person who murdered the student be executed for his crime.

One user said that this was a “sad day for Jordan, and there are no words to express the oppression and sadness within us over our sister, who was killed in broad daylight and in the middle of the university.”Another user wrote that the “The boldness of the Arab male in killing girls is only a of the fragility of the laws and their preference for him reflection.”


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