Gulf Update Emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Ukraine crisis TOU

Gulf Update Emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Ukraine crisis

Gulf Update Emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Ukraine crisis

UN General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid made it clear that the military operation launched by Russia five days ago in Ukraine is a violation of the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

an insult to UN principles

Founding document of United Nations by Abdullah Shahid UN Charter In which the blueprint of a world has been presented where countries can settle their disputes by peaceful means, without any threat or use of force.

The current military operation, he said, does not match these approaches. This situation is an insult to the founders of this organization and to all for whom this organization exists.

“Violence has to be stopped…and international human rights law has to be respected. And diplomacy and dialogue will have to be resorted to.”

In this emergency special session of the UN General Assembly, the representatives of the countries observed silence for some time. Earlier on Sunday also, a special meeting of the Security Council was held on the Ukraine issue.

It should be noted that on Friday, a draft resolution condemning Russia’s military action on Ukraine was introduced in the Security Council meeting, but that resolution was not passed due to Russia’s veto.

Since 1950, only 10 such emergency special sessions of the UN General Assembly have been held under the provision of resolution number 377A(V), also known as “Unity for Peace – Uniting for Peace”.

This resolution gives the General Assembly the power to raise matters of international peace and security when the Security Council, in the absence of consensus among its five permanent members, is unable to take any action.

Keep in mind that China, France, Britain, America and Russia are the five permanent members of the Security Council who have the right of veto.

Representatives of about 100 countries will speak at the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly, after which a vote on a draft resolution on Ukraine is expected on Wednesday.

Although the resolutions of the UN General Assembly are not binding, they have political weight because they reflect the opinion of the member states of the United Nations.

Possible partial ray of hope

President Abdullah Shahid, while addressing the ambassadors, said, “All of us, when we have gathered here in the General Assembly, the negotiators from both sides are talking in Belarus. This awakens a ray of hope. We pray that this conversation will pacify the anger and lead to peace.”

UN chief Antonio Guterres, while addressing the member countries of the organization, said that the war in Ukraine must be stopped immediately.

Bombings in several cities, including the capital Kief, have forced many people to seek refuge elsewhere, including underground transport stations. Nearly half a million Ukrainians have crossed the border.

it’s enough now

Antonio Guterres said that although Russian strikes usually target military bases in Ukraine, “we have also received reliable reports that residential buildings, important civil infrastructure and other civilian targets have also been heavily damaged.” ”

In the violence, common people including children have died.

UN Secretary General Said, “That’s enough now. The soldiers will have to roll back to their barracks. Leaders have to move in the direction of peace. Common people have to be protected. International humanitarian and human rights law has to be followed.”

He said that the world is facing a tragic crisis in the form of Ukraine, which is a regional crisis with potentially tragic consequences for all.

The UN chief said, “Yesterday, Russia’s nuclear powers were placed on high alert. This is a shocking incident. The mere thought of a nuclear conflict is beyond thought. The use of nuclear weapons cannot be justified on any ground.”

He drew attention to the UN’s commitment to Ukraine, saying he announced last week the release of $20 million for humanitarian aid work in Ukraine. Along with this, a crisis coordinator has also been appointed for the country.

international peace at stake

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UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Ukraine’s Ambassador Sergiy Kislitsaya addressing the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly on the Ukraine crisis. (28 February 2022)

Ukraine’s ambassador, Sergiy Kislitskaya, underlined that for the first time since the founding of the United Nations, an all-out war seems to be progressing in the center of Europe.

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, “This war is not instigated; It has been chosen by the person who is currently sitting somewhere in the bunker”, in an illusion of World War II.

He said that as of Monday, 252 people from Ukraine have died, including 16 children, while more than two thousand have also been injured.

Ukraine’s ambassador accused Russia of committing war crimes, saying that Russia has also targeted places such as children’s centers, orphanages and hospitals. He said that now is the right time to help Ukraine.

“If Ukraine ceases to exist, there will be no international peace,” he said. If Ukraine ceases to exist, the United Nations will also cease to exist, don’t be under any illusions. If Ukraine ceases to exist, we should not be surprised as to which democracy will turn next time.”

Ukraine’s ambassador said, “We can save Ukraine right now, save the United Nations, save democracy, and save the values ​​that we believe in, and for which the Ukrainian people are fighting.” And paying the price with their lives.”

‘Russian actions were distorted’

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Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzaya, addressing an emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Ukraine issue.  (28 February 2022)
UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzaya, addressing an emergency special session of the General Assembly on the Ukraine issue. (28 February 2022)

The Russian Federation’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzaya, spoke with the help of an interpreter, saying that his country’s actions were being distorted, and that the media and social media platforms were spreading messages he called “lies.” “Admitted.

He said the special military operation was aimed at ensuring the safety of the people of Ukraine’s eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, “who have been targeted by the Ukrainian government for the past eight years of persecution and genocide.”

“To achieve this goal, it is necessary to demilitarize and de-Nazize Ukraine,” he said.

The Russian envoy said his country was confident that the United Nations could play a role in resolving the Ukraine crisis by “bringing the positions of the stakeholders closer and eliminating the causes of the conflict”.

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